The Best Bassinets for Babies

I did all of the research to find the best bassinet for my infants, and I will share with you everything I found out, including:

  • The bassinet I chose (and why).
  • What I learned about safe sleep.
  • Features I wish it had.
  • Newcomers (that didn’t exist when my kids were born).
  • My take on Smart bassinets.
Baby in a Chicco LullaGO Anywhere bassinet

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Factors I Considered When Researching:

To be a contender on my list, the bassinets needed to meet some minimum requirements:

  • Safe Sleep Space: I am a self-proclaimed safe-sleep fanatic, so these bassinets needed to provide a firm, flat sleep surface, and breathable sides.
  • Ease of Use: Is it easy to set up, take down, move, travel with, etc.
  • Bonus Features: Like sounds, vibration, storage, etc.

Safety Considerations

Safe sleep is so important, so before I give you my list, here are a few things to consider when purchasing your bassinet for your little peanut ♥

  • It must be labeled as a bassinet.
  • Bassinets, cribs, and Pack N’ Plays/playards are Federally regulated for safety.
  • Packaging can be misleading with pictures of babies sleeping or using words like “sleeper,” “lounger,” “napper,” etc. These are NOT SAFE FOR SLEEP.

Mom-Tip: This list does not include co-sleeper or bedside sleeper products, as the AAP has not deemed them safe.

A Note on Safe Sleep…

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year of life in a crib, bassinet, or Pack N’ Play.

Here are some additional safe sleep recommendations from the American Association of Pediatrics that I follow:

  • Infants should sleep on their backs.
  • Firm, flat sleep surface (no inclines, swings, rockers, etc.).
  • Breastfeeding is recommended.
  • Nothing in the crib (use a swaddle, sleepsack, or wearable blanket instead of loose blankets and sheets)
  • Do not smoke

Recall Tip: Recalls are always happening, so make sure to check your exact model with the Consumer Product Safety Commission before putting your bassinet on your registry.  

Once you get your bassinet, make sure to register it with the product registration card so that the company can reach you directly in the event of a recall.  

The Winner ??:

Shop Our Bassinet
03/09/2024 03:47 pm GMT

This is the bassinet we chose. It has lasted through two children and doesn’t look like it has ever been used!

We bought it for its portability, sturdiness, and washability.

  • Everything is machine washable ?
  • Comes with a removable mattress pad.
  • Memory foam mattress.
  • Retractable canopy with hanging toys.
  • Mesh sides for breathability.
  • Travel bag included!

Looking back…

There are some features that the LullaGo doesn’t have that I wish I had considered when I chose my bassinet:

  • Built-in sound and vibration.
  • Storage.
  • Adjustable height (to be able to see the baby).
  • Wheels.

The Bottom Line:

The Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Bassinet is perfect in its simplicity, and I would recommend it to anyone as a safe, reliable sleep space for babies. Everything is machine washable, so it looks brand new, even after two infants (and countless blowouts ?). It is easy to set up, budget-friendly, and folds down to go anywhere you do

If I Had to Do It Again..

I would choose this Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet. Here’s why:

  • It’s within my budget (the HALO and smart bassinets are not).
  • It has vibrations and sounds and can be manually rocked from side to side.
  • There is a storage shelf and a hanging mobile.
  • The control box also has a removable ceiling projector, so you can play the same soothing sounds and lights when your baby transitions to a crib.

Pro Tip: The bassinet is meant to sway side to side, but can be upsetting for some babies. Use the provided velcro straps on the side to keep the bassinet from moving unless you want it to.

More Bassinets to Consider

The LullaGo fit my family’s needs and had the most important features (washable and portable) for me as a new mom. Looking back, there are features that I would have liked to have, so I’ve put together a list of more bassinets to consider adding to your registry.

HALO BassiNest

There are so many features about this bassinet that I love:

  • Adjustable Height: You can scoot this over your bed to have your baby as close as possible but still in their safe sleep space.
  • Swivel Base: Bring baby close to you when needed and have more space when not.
  • Lowering Side Wall: The side wall easily folds over so the baby can be removed without getting out of bed.
  • Sounds, Lights, and Vibration: Soothe your newborn back to sleep with customizable lights, sounds, and vibrations. This would have been the winner for me–since both of my kids loved vibration!
  • Removable Nest: Remove the nest from the base and take it anywhere around the house as a safe place for the baby to lay and play.

Cons: Some people have complained that the bassinet itself is very heavy and clunky, but I feel this is actually a positive because you know it won’t be accidentally tipped over by another child, dog, etc. It would be something to consider if you plan on moving your bassinet from room to room though. This is also a very expensive product; babies usually only sleep in bassinets for the first 3-6 months.

Don’t like the sounds and vibrations? HALO has the same BassiNest available, just without those features.

03/09/2024 04:22 pm GMT

Dream on Me Karley Bassinet

Great for Travel & Outdoors
03/09/2024 04:27 pm GMT

Mom-Tip: Best bassinet for sleeping outdoors.

  • ? Comes in over a dozen colors and patterns.
  • Adjustable double canopy to keep baby completely protected from insects.
  • Great if you like to tap baby outside for naps.
  • Mesh walls for breathability.
  • Folds easily for portability.

Baby Sleep Spaces Explained:

Are you confused between bassinets, co-sleepers, bedside sleepers, Pack n’ Plays, cribs, and mini cribs? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Bassinets: are small, temporary sleep spaces (designed for 0-6 months). They are meant to fit easily in your room, near your bed, to make nighttime wakings easier.
  • Co-Sleepers: The AAP does not recommend them, and they are not considered safe for baby sleep, so I do not recommend them. These are bassinets designed to go in bed with the parents.
  • Bedside Sleepers: The AAP does not have enough information to say whether these are safe, so I do not recommend them. These bassinets attach directly to the parent’s bed with a removable wall.
  • Pack n’ Plays (also called playards): are larger than bassinets but smaller than cribs. They are meant for traveling. Modern Pack n’ Plays have amazing features like changing pads, bassinet inserts, bounces, sounds, vibrations, lights, and more.
  • Mini Crib: Bigger than a bassinet but smaller than a crib. These are great if you’re in a small space.
  • Standard Crib: The biggest option with the least features, but will last from ages 0-4.

Ingenuity Rocking Bassinet

Rocking Bassinet
03/10/2024 01:57 am GMT
  • A simple, modern design.
  • It can be used as a stationary bassinet or rocking bassinet.
  • Easy to fold and take with you.

Smart Bassinets

Smart bassinets weren’t on the market when I had my kids, so I don’t have any first-hand experience using them. That being said, some of these have cool features worth checking out for new moms. They are responsive to your baby and will rock, vibrate, play sounds, or project lights based on their cries and activity level.

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

  • Cry detection technology means the bassinet responds immediately and helps the baby get back to sleep faster.
  • The bassinet rocks, sways, vibrates and plays music.
  • Customizable to fit your baby’s preferences.
  • Budget-friendly, but *not perfect*: This is one of the least expensive smart bassinets on the market, making it very enticing, but there are a few things to consider before buying:
    • Rocking is fast (even on the lowest setting)
    • Does not detect motion–only cries (which is usually too late to get the baby back to sleep)
    • Vibration and sounds are intense.

The Bottom Line:

Give this a try (especially if your newborn isn’t sleeping–you’ve got nothing to lose). But make sure there is a return policy. Many parents were highly satisfied with the product, but those who felt it was too intense for their baby couldn’t use the smart features.

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

Most Customizable
03/10/2024 02:32 am GMT
  • This smart bassinet has five unique motions (like rocking, swinging, swaying, etc.) with varying speed settings.
  • White noise and lullabies.
  • Smart Phone App: You can control the bassinet (and even set timers!) from your phone. You don’t have to push buttons or be in the same room to soothe your baby.
  • It has two height options to see your baby from your bed.
  • Add-on storage basket.
  • Cons: This doesn’t have vibration–which may be a dealbreaker for some.
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