39 Best Pregnancy Books For Dads And Expectant Fathers

The books are labeled by the stage of fatherhood (pregnancy, the first year, toddlerhood, and beyond) to help every expecting dad prepare for fatherhood.

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1. We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook by Adrian Kulp

292 Pages | Series | Pregnancy | Informative

Adrian Kulp has a series of books for new dads. In this book, We’re Pregnant, Adrian breaks down the major milestones for both mothers and new babies for moms-to-be. The book is organized by trimester, month, and week, so you know exactly what’s coming up. It advises dads on how to be there emotionally for their partners. There are suggestions for activities like birth announcements and lists of tasks for expectant dads, like babyproofing and setting financial goals. 

Pro Tip: The classic pregnancy book your partner likely got from their doctor, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, has specific snippets for expecting dads in each chapter.

2. We’re Parents! The New Dad’s Guide To Baby’s First Year By Adrian Kulp

220 Pages | Series | The First Year | Informative

Adrian Kulp focuses on specific tasks and steps you can take as a new dad. The book is written in 3-month chunks for the baby’s first year. This is different from most books that go month-by-month. I like the quarterly approach because not all babies follow the same month-by-month progression. Find helpful step-by-step guides, developmental checklists, and household tasks that you can do at every stage to ace fatherhood in the first year. 

3. The Baby Owner’s Manual by Louis Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht

256 Pages | Illustrated | The First Year | Great Gift 🎁

This book takes an owner’s manual to a new level: newborn and baby maintenance. The book is funny and includes page after page of illustrated step-by-step guides. From how to swaddle a baby to the best ways to burp a baby, this ultimate guide has you covered. It might seem like all fun and games, but the medical knowledge of the author and pediatrician Louis Borgenicht backs it. 

4. The Expectant Father by Armin A. Brott

336 Pages | Series | Pregnancy | Informative

In the newest 5th edition of the book, Armin Brott and Jennifer Ash break down pregnancy by each month, so you know exactly what to expect. There are two bonus chapters at the end covering the actual delivery of the baby and how to take care of the baby in the first few months. This book is up-to-date and relevant, with doctor visits and COVID-19 information. 

5. The New Father: A Dad’s Guide To The First Year by Armin A Brott

336 Pages | Series | The First Year | Informative

This handbook covers what to expect in your baby’s first year from the same author as The Expectant Father (see #4). This book covers it all for new dads, from the big topics like the inner transformation men go through when they become dads to how to be there for your child physically and emotionally to the more nuanced topics like baby massage. The book is compact enough to be easily read before the baby comes or in the first few weeks, but goes far enough in-depth on each topic that you won’t need to look for other resources after reading it. 

6. The New Father: A Dad’s Guide To The Toddler Years 12-36 Months by Armin A. Brott

336 Pages | Series | Toddlerhood | Informative

If you’ve read and loved the other two books in the New Father series, The Expectant Father and The New Father: A Dad’s Guide To The First Year, this is a great one to add to your collection as your child ages. This book focuses on the development of your toddler. It covers things like when babies start walking and talking. It also goes in-depth on your young child’s social and emotional development. Finally, the book gives specific age-appropriate activities to play with your little ones as they develop.

7. Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad! by John Pfeiffer

224 Pages | Series | Pregnancy | Man Humor

A prequel to his book Dude, You’re A Dad! (see #8), John Pfeiffer–father of 3–walks you through how to navigate each stage of pregnancy, from taking a pregnancy test to endless doctor appointments and the delivery room. This book gets critiqued for its man-humor that often makes fun of others or stereotypes gender norms… So it might not be for everyone.  

8. Dude, You’re A Dad by John Pfeiffer

224 Pages | Series | The First Year | Easy Read

In his prequel Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad (see #7), Jon Pfeiffer explains what to expect for dads during pregnancy. In this book, the author (and father of three) tells it like it is for the first year of your baby’s life. The book not only covers how to be there for the baby (feeding, diapering, bathing, and doctor’s appointments), but also how to be there for the mom emotionally, helping around the house, and providing childcare. It also touches on more difficult topics like returning to work and dealing with many, many sleepless nights. 

9. The New Dad’s Survival Guide by Scott Mactavish

132 Pages | Easy Read | Pregnancy & Beyond | Casual

Written in a super-casual, non-judgemental tone, this book assumes that a first-time dad knows nothing and gives the most basic advice on how to help their partner during labor, changing a diaper, and burping a baby. It’s a fun, easy read to make the expectant dad feel cool and calm. This is one of the best pregnancy books for dads who need a simplified, casual, and funny overview of what happens during pregnancy and beyond.

10. Don’t Just Stand There by Jon Lichtenstein and Elissa Stein

104 Pages | Labor and Delivery | Easy Read

This husband-wife duo delivers a quick and easy read on how dads should specifically navigate delivery and the baby’s arrival. They detail the stages of labor (like active labor and the dreaded transition) and advise how to be a helpful and supportive partner at each stage. There are also spots for the woman to write her birthing preferences, which makes this book a must-bring for the hospital. 

11. Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg

240 Pages | Informative | The First Year

This book has been around a while (although not as long as the cover suggests), but for good reason. Gary Greenberg offers handy advice from the male perspective for dads navigating the baby’s first year. It has very practical tips for things like babyproofing, foods that your baby can’t have, and taking a baby’s temperature, but it also has some comic relief in the form of decoy toys and make-shift towel diapers. I also like that he goes into babies’ different cries and sounds. If you want to learn more about these sounds, check out the Dunstan Baby Language

12. The Birth Partner 5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Partners, Doulas, and Other Labor Companions by Penny Simkin

440 Pages | Labor And Delivery | Ultimate Guide

The highly qualified author Penny Simkin gives partners an inside glimpse of what happens during labor, delivery, and the early postpartum period in this comprehensive guide for first-time dads. In this updated fifth edition, she helps dads and partners feel empowered by explaining the different stages of labor and helpful techniques to use along the way, like timing contractions and pain management. She dives into medical interventions and postpartum complications so that dads and partners are prepared for every scenario in the first few weeks with a newborn. 

13. Dad’s Pregnant Too! By Harlan Cohen

560 Pages | Pregnancy and Beyond | Ultimate Guide

The author gives his perspective on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum based on his own experiences and those of others. It’s written in an approachable way that both new parents enjoy and learn something from. He also gives practical advice and a bottom-line statement in each chapter. 

14. Your Pregnancy For The Father To Be by Glade B. Curtis

286 Pages | Pregnancy | The Basics

It’s a good book for first-time dads or partners who don’t know what to expect. The author is criticized for including tips like being supportive when your partner is in pain–which seems pretty obvious–but for a young parent, these might be helpful tips to keep in mind. The book also covers the entire pregnancy (including tests and procedures), how to help during labor, and how to plan for the baby financially. 

15. What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding By Thomas Hill

160 Pages | Pregnancy | Funny | Easy Read

The name of this book makes me chuckle every time! A pun on the longtime classic pregnancy New York Times bestseller What To Expect When You’re Expecting, the title indicates the light-hearted nature of this pregnancy guide for dads. While this isn’t a comprehensive dive into every aspect of pregnancy, Thomas Hill aims to provide small tidbits scattered with helpful tables and charts here and there throughout his often comedic view of pregnancy from the dad’s perspective. 

16. Caring For Your Baby And Young Child by The American Academy of Pediatrics

960 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Ultimate Guide

Written by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the most prestigious organization in childhood development, this book reads more like an encyclopedia than a novel. It is an amazing reference tool that every expecting dad should invest in for their family. It covers everything you need to know from birth to age five, including safe sleep, breastfeeding, solid foods, sleep, tantrums, illnesses, developmental milestones, and more. No one is expecting every new dad to read through this book before the baby, but it is an essential book to have on the shelf for reference as new situations present themselves in the first few years of life. 

17. The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Karp

352 Pages | The First Year | Sleep

The renowned creator of the 5 S’s gives useful tips to calm crying babies and help you get more sleep with a newborn at home. He goes in-depth on the 4th trimester (a lesser-known trimester for most men) and how to support newborns during this time. This is one of the best pregnancy books for new dads because it will help both parents get more sleep when the baby does arrive.

18. Home Game: An Accidental Guide To Fatherhood by Michael Lewis

192 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Relatable

Written from the author’s memoirs of bringing home his three children, Michael Lewis gives an extraordinarily ordinary view of the day-to-day life of parents. This book is great for any dad feeling overwhelmed and needing a fresh perspective on the simple joys and challenges of parenthood. 

Pro Tip: Looking for the best books for expectant mothers? Check out my list of the best books to read during pregnancy.

19. The Ultimate Stay-At-Home Dad by Shannon Carpenter

272 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Stay At Home Dad

A daddy support group in a book. The author takes his own stories of parenthood and advice from an astounding 57 other dads to compile a manual for being the best stay-at-home dad by relying on your natural talents and instincts. It gives real advice on juggling everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning with kids in the house, navigating your relationship, and keeping your mental health in mind. This is one of the best pregnancy books for dads looking to be stay-at-home parents.

20. Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom For Fathers From the Greatest Coaches Of All Time by Tom Limbert

120 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Inspiring

This book makes a perfect gift and the perfect coffee table read. Its compact size is full of over one hundred inspiring quotes for dads from history’s greatest coaches. These bite-sized pieces of information can be digested one at a time or all at once. 

21. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon

34 Pages | The First Year | 🎁 Great Gift

Written by comedian and entertainer Jimmy Fallon, this book is the perfect funny gift for future dads. The book is meant to be read TO the child but offers a funny approach to the classic debate of whether mama or dada will be the first words. This is perfect if you’re looking for a book for an expectant father or new father on Father’s Day. This is one of the best pregnancy books for dads to make them laugh.

22. Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

288 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Hilarious

Written by the comedian Jim Gaffigan, Dad Is Fat is his hilarious account of life with five children. Everything from being outnumbered in his own house to common new-dad tasks like diaper changing and bathtime, every parent (not just dad) can relate to his stories—a great book for newly expecting parents or veteran parents who need a good laugh.  

23. I Wonder: Celebrating Daddies Doin’ Work’ by Doyin Richards

32 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | 🎁 Great Gift

An unconventional glimpse into fatherhood. This picture book shows real dads caught in candid moments with their children. From bathtime to bedtime, to playtime and more, blogger Doyin Richards captivates dadhood in a series of images. This book shows dads taking on every aspect of parenthood, and it is truly heartwarming. 

24. Love, Money, and Parenting: How Economics Explains the Way We Raise Our Kids by Matthias Doepke 

384 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Parenting

For the history buff and economist, this book offers a glimpse into different parenting styles, from authoritarian to authoritative to permissive, as it relates to different economic states throughout history and across the globe. While economics is at the center of this read, it is also a historical account of these different parenting styles and their results and consequences over time. 

25. The New Dad’s Playbook: Gearing Up For The Biggest Game Of Your Life by Benjamin Watson 

208 Pages | Pregnancy and Beyond | For The Sports Fan

Written by Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson, it’s no surprise that the book is laid out in familiar football terms: the pre-season (pregnancy), the Super Bowl (birth), and the post-season (after birth). This book helps men tap into their partners’ emotions so they can be supportive throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

26. Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault by Bunmi Laditan 

176 Pages | Toddlerhood | Hilarious

This book is great for new and expecting dads dealing with a tiresome toddler at home. If the title is any indication, the author is pretty ruthless regarding his interpretation of how toddlers act… But in most cases, parents can relate to the stories in a very light-hearted and comedic way. It is a light read for parents feeling overwhelmed and needing a funny reminder that they are not alone. 

27. Dummy: The Comedy and Chaos of Real-Life Pareting by Matt Coyne

253 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Co-Ed | Funny

This is a hilarious book for new moms and dads alike. Matt Coyne, author of the popular parenting blog Man Vs. Baby writes about what parenthood is really like. He doesn’t sugarcoat topics like explosive diarrhea or full diaper blowouts. Instead, he presents them in such a funny way that all parents can relate to looking back—one of the best pregnancy books for dads for the accompanying blog with helpful information.

28. Pregnancy for Men: The Whole Nine Months by Mark Woods

288 Pages | Pregnancy | Funny | Informative

A book just for men on the 9-month journey that is pregnancy. This book focuses mostly on the partner’s pregnancy, going in-depth on the baby’s development and milestones for each month. It gives expecting dads a glimpse into what is going on in the woman’s body and gives them a connection to the baby early on. It’s written in a witty, humorous way but is packed full of useful information for new dads. 

29. The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Know by Rob Kemp

272 Pages | Pregnancy | Practical

This book has a diverse array of practical information in the form of first-hand stories, facts, and expert advice from doctors and midwives. This book is approachable in its easy-to-digest format but very informative for dads who want to know what will happen during their partner’s pregnancy and the first few weeks after delivery. 

30. From Dude To Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide To Pregnancy by Chris Pegula 

224 Pages | Series | Pregnancy | Light-Hearted

The title conveys the laid-back nature of this book. The author’s tone is casual and sometimes funny. He talks about the basics of each trimester, labor and delivery, and postpartum. The book is very easy because it’s only filled with essentials. It is a great introduction for first-time dads because it presents all of the main topics of pregnancy and fatherhood without going into an overwhelming amount of detail.

31. Diaper Dude: The Ultimate Dad’s Guide To Surviving The First Two Years by Chris Pegula 

224 Pages | The First Year and Beyond | Light-Hearted

Author of the pregnancy book for dads, From Dude to Dad (see #30), Chris Pegula, continues to present helpful information for new dads from birth through the first two years. This book focuses on the partnership to cover all of the bases of parenthood to allow both parents to retain (some) of their identity and (some) of their sanity. The book is also unique in covering the first two years of parenthood. The second year comes with its challenges: separation anxiety and tantrums, to name a few. Chris Pegula shares his own funny stories throughout but balances them with useful research and advice. 

32. Show Dad How by Sean Bean 

144 Pages | Pregnancy and Beyond | Illustrated | 🎁 Great Gift

A book with no words! This short book includes step-by-step illustrated guides on over one hundred need-to-know skills for new dads, from getting pregnant to pregnancy and birth and beyond. Although it is meant to be humorous, the book does have helpful tips on essential skills for new dads, like childproofing and mixing baby formula. This book would make a great gift for an expecting father who needs a laugh. 

33. Dad’s Guide To Twins: How To Survive The Twin Pregnancy And Prepare For Your Twins by Joe Rawlinson

166 Pages | Pregnancy | Twins | Informative

Specifically written for dads expecting twins, this book covers the major concerns, like the financial implications of having twins and how to save on costs. It also dives into medical concerns and complications that affect twin pregnancies. This is the best pregnancy book for dads expecting twins.

34. Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide For Dudes by Brig Berthold

142 Pages | Pregnancy | Easy Read

A lighthearted read for any supporting partner during pregnancy. Most of the information is just common sense, but it’s a good reminder for new dads who might be overwhelmed and forget what common sense looks like! 

35. The Simplest Baby Book In The World By Stephen Gross

304 Pages | Illustrated | The First Year | Practical | 🎁 Great Gift

This book is fully illustrated for visual learners to guide new moms and dads through the first year of a baby’s life. The “daddy hacks” are particularly useful for new dads. The full-page illustrations make it easy to pick up the book, find the topic you’re looking for (like preparing a bottle or changing a diaper), and glance through the steps. 

36. First Time Dad: Pregnancy Handbook For Dads-To-Be by Stephen Bell 

100 Pages | Pregnancy | Easy Read

The cliff-notes version of fatherhood from pregnancy to newborn. This super-quick read gives the basic details of how to care for the mother during pregnancy and how to care for a newborn. The author doesn’t get into too many details. Reading this quick introduction to fatherhood will get you in the right mindset and have you thinking of questions on your own. 

37. The Ultimate Baby Book For New Dads: Roy Benaroch

208 Pages | The First Year | Modern | Informative

An up-and-comer in the pregnancy books for dads space, The Ultimate Baby Book For New Dads: 100 Ways To Care for Your Baby in Their First Year, is filled with the latest information for dads. This book, written by a pediatrician, breaks down 100 specific ways to be a helpful partner and caring dad in the first year. This book will keep dads up to date on the latest parenting trends by encouraging modern-day best practices like skin-to-skin bonding. Despite being written by a doctor, the easygoing and supportive tone is reassuring for dads-to-be. 

38. Watch Your Junk: And Other Advice For Expectant Fathers by Benjamin Wallace

162 Pages | Pregnancy and Beyond | Funny | Practical

It’s a humorous book that’s actually packed with useful advice. As the name would suggest, this book is all about practicality when it comes to pregnancy, infancy, and beyond. The man-humor in this book is so relatable that moms will laugh as well. This book will have you laughing so hard you won’t want to put it down. 

39. The Expectant Father’s Activity Book by James Guttman

168 Pages | Pregnancy | 🎁 Great Gift

As the name suggests, this activity book has puzzles, quizzes, jokes, and more. Although interesting information is scattered throughout, the book is meant to help a dad-to-be unwind and work through. 

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