Blooket: The #1 New Online Classroom Game You Should Play With Your Students

Tired of Kahoot? Try this new game Blooket
Try Blooket As A Kahoot Alternative

Blooket is like Kahoot, Gimkit, Quizizz, but with one big difference: replay value!

There is nothing that I love more than playing educational games with my students… But sometimes the same-old games (ahem, Kahoot) get boring.

My students know that I love gaming so much that they brought this online classroom game to me.

Blooket has at least six different game modes, and they are constantly adding more. With your one set of questions, you can play many different games all from the same platform.

The game modes–like Tower of Doom, CafĂ©, and Battle Royal–are unlike any I have seen on other educational gaming platforms.

The game modes integrate gaming strategies and problem-solving skills in addition to the teacher-set questions and answers. This unique combination is addicting for the students… and the teacher!

I love that I can quickly import questions and answers from other platforms that I have already created like Quizlet.

Actually, on the day that students brought this game to me, I was able to create my account, import my first set from Quizlet, and start playing with them in about 4 minutes!

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