Top 10 Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital

If you’re wondering whether or not you need labor and delivery or breastfeeding gowns for the hospital, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The first thing you need to know about standard hospital gowns is that they are not designed for the nursing mother. 

Hospital gowns, and most other gowns on the market, were designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality. 

First of all, that doesn’t work for moms! Second, hospital gowns tie in the back. 

So in order to breastfeed in a standard hospital gown, you basically have to disrobe! 

To help you find the best breastfeeding hospital gown that will fit your body type and needs, I’ve put together this list of the 10 best breastfeeding gowns for the hospital.

I’ve separated my favorites into two categories: regular nursing gowns, and breastfeeding gowns for labor and delivery. 

Hospital essential. 3-in-1 labor, delivery, and nursing gown.
3-In-1 Delivery Hospital Gown

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Why Do You Need Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital?

Having a hospital-friendly labor gown or breastfeeding gown should be part of your birth plan.

Having a comfy gown that you are can labor in, in your hospital room, will make you more relaxed and at ease in the labor process.

In addition, having your own hospital gown for breastfeeding is a hospital bag essential that will give you full-coverage comfort but allow your newborn baby easy skin access for skin-to-skin and breastfeeding.

There are also 3-In-1 Labor, Delivery, And Nursing gowns that you can wear while you are laboring and also for breastfeeding after delivery. These are great so you don’t have to pack a huge hospital bag.

You might also want to look for a breastfeeding hospital gown that has a matching newborn outfit for a cute mother and baby hospital photoshoot.

Why Universal Hospital Gowns Don’t Work For Breastfeeding

Hospital gowns are not designed for nursing mothers because they were originally intended to be worn by both sexes, in a single size. 

The problem is that hospital gowns don’t properly fit the female body type or meet the needs of breastfeeding women.

As a result, expecting moms often end up wearing oversized gowns that are difficult to nurse in or leave you feeling very exposed. 

Spoiler alert: after you deliver in the hospital, there is a constant stream of nurses and doctors coming through your room to check on you and the baby. A breastfeeding hospital gown at least lets you stay covered up when unexpected healthcare professionals enter.

Note that you don’t have to stay in a hospital gown just because you are in the hospital. 

Many women choose a breastfeeding hospital gown because it is easy and comfortable to wear, but you could choose to wear other postpartum clothing that is great for nursing if that is what you are most comfortable in. 

Breastfeeding Hospital Gown Sizing

When looking for the correct size maternity hospital gown, your best bet is to check the sizing chart from each retailer you are considering purchasing your hospital gowns. 

… I know that’s not super helpful…

But each manufacturer that I looked at based their sizing on different criteria. Some want your pre-pregnancy size, others want the size of your bump, some are based on height and weight… It’s very complicated.

Generally, breastfeeding hospital gowns come in your standard small, medium, and large sizes… But just because you usually wear a large doesn’t mean that you should order a large hospital gown. Again, make sure to check the sizing chart.

I would also shop at a store that has free shipping and free returns like Amazon or Target because the sizing can be tricky on maternity hospital gowns.

Breastfeeding Hospital Gown Features

There are a lot of nursing hospital gowns available to choose from these days–but not all breastfeeding dresses and postpartum robes are created equal. So how do you go about choosing the best one for your needs?

Some of the features you might want to look for are:

  • Shoulder snaps (for easy access to your breasts)
  • Access to fetal monitors (if you’re also going to wear it for labor and delivery)
  • Length (especially if you are tall)
  • Fabric (for breathability and comfort, easy to clean, stretchy enough for skin-to-skin contact with baby)
  • Pattern or color
  • Style (empire waist is flattering on all silhouettes)
  • Breathable fabric that doesn’t cling (especially if you had a c-section)
  • Easily able to do skin to skin
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Hidden pockets for breast pads and nipple cream (a must!)
10 Breastfeeding gowns for the hospital. Mother breastfeeding her newborn in the hospital.
10 Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital
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The 10 Best Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital

You can’t go wrong with any of these top 10 breastfeeding hospital gowns!

Read on to find out why each one has made it onto my list and learn what makes them so special.

3-In-1 Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital

Labor and delivery gowns are really popular now because they offer more coverage for the mom but easy access for doctors and nurses to hook up monitors and IVs. 

A lot of these labor and delivery gowns can double as breastfeeding gowns for the hospital because they were designed for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of the baby’s life. Usually, these gowns are labeled as “3-In-1 Labor, Delivery, And Nursing” gowns.

Just know that labor and delivery can be messy! So if you plan on wearing one of these gowns for your entire stay, you better pack a backup. 

Pro Tip: Ask your OB at your next appointment whether you are allowed to wear your own labor and delivery gown and whether there are requirements to bring your own. Most hospitals allow this, but some have strict policies where you have to use their gowns. 

Before purchasing one of these gowns, contact your labor and delivery department at the hospital (or ask your OB next time you’re there) about the kind of labor and delivery gowns that they have.

When I delivered my son, I had a standard hospital gown that tied in the back; however, I have seen newer hospitals with special labor gowns that snap on the sides allowing for more coverage for the mom and easy access for breastfeeding skin-to-skin.

If your hospital already has these types of gowns, save your money and purchase some cute nursing gowns that you can wear postpartum instead.

Kindred Bravely 3-In-1 Gown

Design-wise this isn’t the most flattering shape–I’ll admit–but when it comes to function, Kindred Bravely has thought of everything.

This gown has easy velcro closures to completely open the front and back of the gown. There are also should snaps that allow for easy breastfeeding. 

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Motherhood Maternity 3-In-1 Labor, Delivery, And Nursing Gown

This dress has a little more style and shape.

It has short sleeves and there are shoulder straps for easy breastfeeding and the dress can open in the front and back.

There is also side access for monitors that your hospital staff will love.

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Kindered Bravely Ruffle Strap 3-in-1 Labor, Delivery, And Nursing Gown

With all of the benefits of their standard 3-in-1 labor and delivery gown, this breastfeeding gown has a cute sleeveless design with ruffled straps.

I also like that it has front snaps instead of velcro… This just seems a little sturdier to me!

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Mom Tip: Did you know you can score hundreds of dollars worth of free breastfeeding supplies from major brands? Here’s how!

Baby Be Mine 3-In-1 Labor Delivery And Nursing Gown

I love the empire waist design of this gown.

It is flattering in all of the right places. I like the elastic neckline that makes it easy to get on and off.

It also has a cute tie to cinch in around your waist and accentuate your baby bump. 

The wrap in the front means that doctors have easy access to fetal monitoring without having to worry about tricky closures.

It does snap up the back, so it would be pretty difficult to do that without a partner to help you. 

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Baby Be Mine 3-In-1 Labor And Delivery nursing Gown With Matching Newborn Swaddle Set

The same labor and delivery gown (with tons more different colors to choose from!) with an adorable matching newborn swaddle and hat. This is a must for an after-birth photo shoot. 

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Breastfeeding Gowns For The Hospital

These gowns aren’t designed to be worn during labor and delivery, but I have chosen gowns that are easy to put on, have shoulder straps or triangle designs for easy breastfeeding, and gowns that are versatile that you can wear while you are pregnant or as you continue nursing at home postpartum.

Nursing gowns also provide gentle support without needing to wear maternity bras. This is so nice as your milk starts to come in because wearing any kind of bra can be painful while your breasts are engorged.

Motherhood Maternity Lace Trim Nursing Gown

A staple for new moms who want something easy to take on and off. These are especially great to wear postpartum if you’ve had a c-section because they are loose around your stomach. They are made of a stretchy jersey material.

This gown probably won’t fit your pregnant baby bump, but can be worn indefinitely postpartum at the hospital and at home. 

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Kindered Bravely Nursing Nightgown

This dress offers a little more coverage for new mothers.

It is a simple cotton dress, so perfect for staying comfy in the hospital, but also perfect for wearing around the house postpartum.

Bonus: the deep pockets are great for stashing supplies like nursing pads and lanolin cream.

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Kindered Bravely Betsy Bamboo Longsleeve Nursing Gown

If you’re delivering in the winter or in a cold climate, this breastfeeding hospital gown is for you!

Enjoy the simplicity of this design along with the long sleeves and pockets.

And, because this gown doesn’t have a fabric overlay or nursing clasps, no one will ever know it was a breastfeeding gown! You can keep wearing this design long after you’re done with your breastfeeding journey. 

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Ekouaer Women’s Nursing Nightgown Maternity Dress Breastfeeding Gown Full Slips Sleepwear

Simple but stylish, this breastfeeding hospital gown is a lot like the Motherhood Maternity option, but with a fabric overlay instead of nursing clips for breastfeeding. The fabric overlay tends to provide more coverage and be more modest. 

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Mommy o’ Clock Mommy Robe for Maternity and Baby Swaddle

I love the idea of delivery robes or a robe set for the hospital with a matching newborn swaddle set.

You can pair your favorite nursing tank tops and comfortable pajama shorts underneath. The robe provides tons of coverage for the mom and offers layers to stay warm or cool during the hospital stay.

Plus, how can you not love the matching swaddle for your little one? 

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