Sleeping newborn baby with milk on their cheeks whose mother's breast milk just came in.

How Much Breast Milk For a Newborn Baby Feeding?

Hey mama! To answer your question, generally, newborns need 1-1.5 teaspoons of breast milk (days 1-3), 0.75-1 ounces of milk (days 3-7), and 1.5-2 ounces of milk (for the first month).  It’s hard to say exactly how much breast milk each baby needs because babies are born in all shapes and sizes–some of them are …

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Sterilized pump parts, pacifiers, and bottles on a drying rack.

How To Clean And Sterilize Breast Pump Parts And Accessories

Why Do You Need To Sterilize Breast Pump Parts?  Cleaning and sterilizing breast pump parts is necessary, especially in the early newborn phase. Even though breast milk is the best food for your newborn, germs and bacteria can grow when left out at room temperature.   To prevent spreading harmful germs and bacteria to your baby, …

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