dad holding his newborn baby skin to skin giving a bottle with a burp cloth on his shoulder.

Preparing For Fatherhood- From a Mom’s Point of View

Dads can start preparing for fatherhood when they find out the baby is coming. With all things parenting, slow and steady wins the race. ​*Disclaimer* This is how I recommend preparing for fatherhood from the point of view of the mother. I highly recommend that you also find some books, podcasts, blogs, or social accounts …

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apple, granola bar, assorted nuts, and chocolate for a well balanced hospital snack.

50 Quick and Easy Hospital Snack Ideas

Don’t forget to look up a few hospital snack ideas for your labor and delivery go-bag. Snacks are an underrated necessity for your hospital bag. Many hospitals won’t allow you to eat snacks during active labor, but snacks are essential for recovery after birth–after all, you’ve got to have enough energy to snuggle and love …

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Clock at 8:30 in the morning with a pregnancy test next to it.

Best Time of Day for a Pregnancy Test: Early Results

The best time of day to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning (before you pee). A pregnancy blood test can be done any time of day. In this article, we’ll look at why testing in the morning is better than the afternoon or night and how testing with first-morning urine can …

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Shelf full of Pampers diaper boxes.

How To Do The Ultimate Diaper Raffle (Free Printables)

How to do a diaper raffle to make a diaper stash before your baby arrives. Download FREE printable PDF diaper raffle tickets, signs, and invitation inserts. If you don’t have space to store diapers, try a diaper fund raffle instead! Want to include your coworkers in celebrating your baby-to-be? Here’s how to do a diaper raffle at work.

Woman holding her hands over lower abdomen. Text: ovulation cramping is it normal?

Ovulation Cramping: Is It Normal To Cramp During Ovulation?

Yes, it is normal to cramp during ovulation. In fact, 20% of women– myself included- experience pain during ovulation.  It is normal for ovulation cramping and pelvic pain to last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days during ovulation in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Cramping is usually mild and can …

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Calendar to show ovulation, days past ovulation (DPO), and when to take a pregnancy take.

How To Calculate Days Past Ovulation (DPO)

How To Calculate Days Past Ovulation DPO by finding your ovulation date. Use an app, chart, ovulation predictor kit OPK, basal body temperature BBT and physical symptoms to tell when you ovulated.

woman holding ovulation test in bathroom with faint line

Decoding Ovulation Tests: What Does a Faint Line Mean?

Curious about the meaning of a faint line on an ovulation test? Dive into my comprehensive guide, from a mom who’s been through it all. Learn how these tests work, when to take them, and understand your fertile window. Get insights and tips to increase your chances of conceiving.

best baby shower venues table with pastries, tea, and finger sandwhiches outdoors

33 Best Baby Shower Venues

Planning your baby shower or sprinkle can be time-consuming, especially finding the best venue.   I’ll run you through the best places for your special occasion so that you can find the perfect venue for your baby shower for your new baby. In addition to finding the best baby shower venues near you, you need to …

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family with newborn lying together to celebrate

12 First Mother’s Day Gifts

13 Original First Mother’s Day gifts for every type of mother: the crafters, the jewelry loves, the fashionistas, the spa-goers, and everyone in between.

pregnant woman reading a book on the couch

6 Super Helpful Books To Read During Pregnancy

I did a lot of research on the best books to read during pregnancy. I read all six of these books in the months leading up to my pregnancy, during my pregnancy, and in my first year postpartum.  I cannot recommend these books enough.  I did a lot of research when picking out the different …

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