How To Do A Diaper Raffle: A Guide For Baby Showers (Plus FREE Printable Raffle Tickets And Invitation Inserts)

How Does A Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Work?

A diaper raffle is a fun way for new parents to build a diaper stash or diaper fund before the baby is born.

Diaper raffles can be done any time before the baby comes, but are most commonly held at baby showers.

In a nutshell, guests bring packs of diapers to the baby shower and get a raffle ticket to be entered into the grand prize.

The host raffles off a grand prize.

Guests are motivated to bring diaper packs to have a chance to win.

Unlike traditional baby shower games, guests will need to know about the raffle ahead of time so that they can plan to bring a package of diapers (or more!).

You’ll want to add an insert in your invitation explaining the rules of the diaper raffle.

I made a diaper raffle card that you can put in your baby shower invitations below that you can download for free!

How To Do A Diaper Raffle Mommy Maker Teacher
How To Do A Diaper Raffle

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Diaper Raffle Grand Prize

There is no set value for the grand prize, but generally, it should be equal to or greater than the average pack of diapers.

The higher the value of the prize, the more diapers you will probably receive, if you tell people what it is ahead of time.

Pro Tip: Don’t make the grand prize too extravagant, otherwise your baby shower will become all about the diaper raffle.

Free Diaper Raffles

If you are trying to do a diaper raffle, but don’t have much money to spend on the grand prize, don’t be discouraged!

Here are a few ideas for free grand prizes that I have thought of:

  • Offer Up Your Services!

    Whether you have a job (like hairstylist, chef, teacher, etc.) or a hobby (baking, crafting, etc.) you can raffle off a prize that your friends and family will love.

    For example, a free haircut, cooking a private dinner, tutoring for their children, or a homemade gift like a crocheted afghan, wreaths, homemade soaps, candles, etc.

    You can also offer up your partner or host’s services like mowing the lawn, weeding garden beds, etc.
  • A Gift Certificate Basket!

    The odds are good that your host or some of your close friends have an extra gift card or valuable coupon in their wallets that have never been used.

    See what you can gather up among your inner circle.

    If you don’t have any gift cards or coupons laying around, check with your local stores. Explain that you are doing a diaper raffle and see if they will donate a gift certificate or store coupons!

Here Are Some Other Ideas For The Diaper Raffle Grand Prize

  • Movie Tickets Bonus, add a gift card for dinner beforehand.
  • CASH Think about it, if you the grand prize $100 and you get $400 worth of diapers, you make out like a bandit!
  • Gift Baskets (food baskets, spa baskets, wine or liquor baskets, etc.)
  • One-Size-Fits-All Itemslike scarves, tote bags, etc.

Want even more ideas for baby shower prizes? Here are 35 more to choose from!

How To Do A Diaper Raffle

One Entry Per Person Vs. Multiple Entries

You will want to decide if your raffle will be one entry per person or multiple entries per person.

If you do one entry per person, you can put the diaper raffle ticket right in the invitation. As long as your guest brings a package of diapers, they can write their name on the ticket and be entered into the raffle.

If you want to do multiple entries per person you can put an insert into the invitation explaining the raffle (see my example below).

When guests arrive at the shower you can give them one raffle ticket for each package of diapers they bring.

In this case, guests get extra tickets for each additional bag of diapers they bring.

Pro Tip: One entry per person will be less competitive but you will generally get fewer diapers. Multiple entries per person will be more competitive but you will get more diapers. Think about the baby shower guests that you are inviting and decide which type of raffle is best for you.

The Party Invitations

You’ll want to include a short description of the diaper raffle in your baby shower invites.

If you are doing one entry per person, your insert card can be your raffle ticket (bonus, this saves you money on paper and time cutting!)

Use some diaper raffle insert wording like:

Please bring this raffle ticket and a package of (any size) diapers to the shower to win a prize! P.S. Please tape a gift receipt to the diaper package for easy exchanges”

diaper raffle tickets free pdf download
Diaper Raffle Tickets

If you are doing multiple entries per person, your insert should include a small card to explain the game. Use the wording:

At the shower, we will play a game. For each pack of (any size) diapers, you bring you can enter your name! P.S. Please tape a gift receipt to the diaper package for easy exchanges.”

When your guests arrive at the party you will pass out their raffle tickets.

diaper raffle invitation insert free printable download
Diaper Raffle Invitation Insert

You can also include a simple note to let your guests know they don’t have to play. For example:

This is just for fun, so you don’t have to play, I will just be thrilled to see you on my special day.”

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The Diaper Raffle Tickets

You can make your own tickets, or download the free printable pdf diaper raffle tickets that I made.

Cut out the tickets and make sure your guest write their names on them before putting them into the raffle box.

Use a shoebox covered in baby-shower-themed wrapping paper with a slot cut out of the lid to collect raffle tickets and serve as the box you will draw the winner from later.

Preparing The Diaper Raffle

You will need to cut out an invitation insert or ticket for each guest. If you are going to do multiple entries per person you will also need a stash of extra tickets ready for the shower.

If you want more professional-looking tickets, you can print the tickets on medium-weight cardstock.

If you are going to have a lot of guests, you don’t want to spend hours cutting the tickets out by hand. Invest in a small paper cutter. Paper cutters are less than $10 and you will definitely use them later–think science fair posters!

Diaper Raffle Drawing The Winner

diaper raffle table sign free pdf download
Diaper Raffle Table Sign

No matter who is hosting the baby shower, the guest of honor should draw the winner and give them the grand prize.

You want to make sure that all of the guests are present when you draw the winner, so I would do the drawing after you open presents, but before you cut the cake.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait until the very end of the baby shower to do the raffle as some people might leave early.

Diaper Brand Preference And Sizes

When you host a diaper raffle you will get lots of diapers from different brands and in a variety of sizes.

You won’t know which diaper brands or sizes that you are going to need before the baby comes.

Typically, you will get a whole bunch of newborn diapers and a whole bunch of size 4 or 5 diapers (but not a lot in between).

Not to mention, some babies are sensitive to certain brands (my son always gets diaper rash when we use Pampers).

For these reasons you will want to make sure you get gift receipts from your guests so that you can exchange your diapers easily.

Pro Tip: Even big-box stores like Target and Walmart have really strict return policies when it comes to returning or exchanging diapers.

Although some Walmarts and Targets will let you do exchanges without a receipt (they won’t let you do returns without a receipt for diapers FYI), it is up to each store’s discretion and you don’t want to get stuck with a whole bunch of diapers you won’t use.

You might want to check the return policy with your local store before the raffle.

Doing A Diaper Raffle At Work

How to do an office diaper raffle FREE printable signs and tickets.
How To Do An Office Diaper Raffle

Doing a diaper raffle at work is a fun activity to include your coworkers in celebrating your baby-to-be.

Set out a diaper raffle sign in a common area (like an employee lounge or lunchroom) explaining the rules.

Tell your coworkers to drop off the diaper packages with you (or whoever is hosting the raffle) throughout the week to get their tickets.

Make sure to give them ample time to participate in the diaper raffle (a week is good!).

Place a shoe-box wrapped in baby shower-themed wrapping paper with a slot cut out of the top near the sign for people to drop their tickets in.

At the end of the week draw a winner before the end of the workday.

Doing A Diaper Fund Raffle

An alternative to the diaper raffle idea is to do a diaper raffle fund.

This is perfect if you are going to have a large number of guests or don’t have room to store all of the diapers from the raffle (diapers do take up a lot of space).

Instead of asking your guests to bring physical diapers, you can ask for cash or gift cards to your local store to buy diapers during your baby’s first year. Pick a set amount of money for each raffle ticket.

For a diaper fund raffle, you can use the wording:

Help us build a diaper fund. For each $5 you donate you will get a ticket. There will be a grand prize, and I hope you win it!

Doing An Auction Diaper Raffle

diaper raffle auction tickets free pdf download
Auction Diaper Raffle Tickets

If you have a lot of guests, you could do an auction instead of just one grand prize.

In this game, you have several prizes (generally 1 prize for every 10 guests is good). Guests get multiple raffle tickets (maybe 5 tickets for each pack of diapers or cash donation).

Guests enter their tickets for the prizes that interest them.

The guest of honor draws one winner for each prize.

Diaper auctions are perfect for large crowds so that lots of people feel like they are winners. It also saves you tons of space not having to store all of those diapers.

Diaper Raffle Printables (Free PDF Download)

Diaper raffles are a creative way to build a stash of a lot of diapers in a variety of different sizes.

Your guests will enjoy playing such a unique game and one lucky guest will walk away with a great prize.

At the end of the day, there are no specific instructions on how to do a diaper raffle.

You are the host so you can decide what kinds of prizes to do and set your own rules.

The most important is to keep the diaper raffle just a small part of the baby shower festivities and to celebrate the baby and momma to be!

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