How To Do The Ultimate Diaper Raffle (Free Printables)

Here’s how to do a diaper raffle to build your baby’s diaper stash. Did you know babies go through 2500-3000 diapers in their first year alone? This can add up to $500-$900! 

Shelf full of Pampers diaper boxes.

Diaper raffles are becoming increasingly popular among soon-to-be mothers. To gather data on this trend, I surveyed 80 expectant mothers who were due in November 2023. Out of the 80 women, 64 had a baby shower, and of those 64, more than half (62.5%) included a diaper raffle as part of the festivities.

Pie chart. Did you have a diaper raffle at your baby shower? Yes 62.5%, no 37.5%. A survey conducted by Mommy Maker Teacher, LLC.
A Survey of 80 November 2023 Expectant Mothers

This guide covers all the basics, including what it is, how to host it, and a step-by-step guide for your baby shower.

You’ll also find free printable PDFs of signs, invitation inserts, and tickets to make hosting a breeze 🤗.  

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What Is a Diaper Raffle? 

A diaper raffle is a fun way for new parents to build a diaper stash before the baby is born. Guests bring packs of diapers to the shower and get entered into a raffle for a grand prize.

Diaper raffles can be done any time before the baby is born but are most commonly held at baby showers. 

How To Do A Diaper Raffle Mommy Maker Teacher
How To Do A Diaper Raffle

How To Do A Diaper Raffle (Step-by-Step)

Diaper raffles have no set rules. Ultimately, you can set up your raffle however you would like. Below are the traditional directions for setting up a diaper raffle.

Before The Shower: 

Here is what you need to do ahead of time to prepare. 

  1. Inform The Guests: Put an insert in the invitations, send a double-sided invite, put a QR code on the invite, etc. 
  2. Print or Buy Tickets: You can print and cut diaper raffle tickets at home (use cardstock to make them more professional-looking) or buy online.
  3. Cut Out The Tickets: If you printed your tickets, you’ll want to cut them out beforehand.
  4. Make or Buy a Raffle Box: Use a baby shower-themed shoebox with a lid slot for guests to enter their raffle tickets.
  5. Make or Buy a Raffle Sign: Explain the rules and how to enter. 

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of guests, you don’t want to spend hours cutting the tickets out by hand. Invest in a small paper cutter. Paper cutters are inexpensive, and you will definitely it later–think science fair posters when that sweet baby gets older! 

At The Shower:

  1. Raffle Table: Ensure the raffle box is prominently displayed at the baby shower venue with a framed sign, pen, and tickets.
  2. Pass Out Tickets: If your guests bring diapers, ask them to go to the raffle table to get their tickets. For showers with fewer than 20 guests, they can fill out their tickets by themselves. For larger showers, it might be helpful to have someone distribute the tickets for you.
  3. Collect Tickets: Make a last-call announcement for any tickets to be put in the raffle box before the drawing. 
  4. Draw the Winner: See my suggestions below for when to draw the grand prize. 
  5. Say Thank You: After the drawing, be sure to express gratitude to all guests. 
diaper raffle table sign free pdf download
Diaper Raffle Table Sign

Diaper Raffle, Diaper Fund, or Diaper Shower?

In a traditional diaper raffle, guests bring packages of diapers and, in exchange, are entered into a raffle for a grand prize. You might hear of some of these other common variations.

Diaper Fund 

An alternative to the diaper raffle idea is to do a diaper fund. Instead of asking your guests to bring physical diapers, you can ask for cash or gift cards to your local store to buy diapers during your baby’s first year. 

This is perfect if you will have many guests or don’t have room to store all of the diapers from the raffle. 

Set out a card box with envelopes and a sign letting guests know they can contribute to your diaper fund in exchange for raffle tickets. Alternatively, have a QR code with your Venmo account and let guests send you money without needing cash. 

Pick a set amount of money for each raffle ticket. For example, for every $5 contributed, you get one ticket. 

Diaper Shower 

Guests at a diaper shower are expected to bring diapers instead of a traditional gift. There are no raffles or prizes. 

Diaper Raffle Materials

Diaper Raffle Kit (Clear Box)

Diaper Raffle Kit (Kraft Color)

Paper Cutter (For DIY)

Baby Shower Invitations For Diaper Raffles

Guests will need to know about the raffle ahead of time to plan to bring a package of diapers (or more!). You should include information about it on the baby shower invites. You have a few options: 

  • Two-Sided Invitations: These are becoming increasingly popular for weddings and showers. Have the traditional invite on one side and the details (like dress code, food, registry, raffle information, etc.) on the other. 
  • Digitally: Add a custom URL or QR code to your invitation. This can link to a shower website where you can include your registry and other important information. 
  • Add an Insert: Add an insert to your invitation with the diaper raffle information. I made a diaper raffle insert card that you can download and print for free. For example: “Please bring a package of (any size) diapers to the shower to be entered to win a prize! Please tape a gift receipt to the diaper box for easy exchanges.
diaper raffle invitation insert free printable download
Diaper Raffle Invitation Insert

Diaper Raffle Wording 

For Invitation Inserts

  • We will be having a diaper raffle. For every pack of diapers you bring, you will receive one raffle ticket to be entered for a grand prize. This is a completely optional game. Diapers for the raffle, a gift, or both are welcome and appreciated. 
  • Diaper Raffle: Bring diapers for a chance to win, but it’s entirely optional. For convenience, please tape a gift receipt to the box in case of returns.
  • Let’s make diaper duty easier together! Please bring diapers to enter the raffle (optional). Don’t forget to take a gift receipt to the box in case the parents need to make changes.
  • Join the fun (optional)! Bring a pack of diapers to enter our raffle for a prize. Please tape a gift receipt to the box for returns.
  • Help us stock up on diapers for the new baby. Please bring diapers to enter the raffle (optional). Don’t forget to tape a gift receipt to the box for ease of returns.
  • Join our diaper raffle, if you’d like–it’s optional. A diaper stash for the baby, and prizes for you! Please bring diapers to enter. Tape a receipt to the box.

If you are doing multiple entries per person, your insert should include a small card to explain the game.

  • At the shower, we will play a game. For each pack of (any size) diapers you bring, you can enter your name! P.S. Please tap a gift receipt to the diaper package(s) for easy exchanges.

For The Raffle Tickets

  • Diaper Raffle Ticket – Lucky Number __.
  • Your Diaper Raffle Ticket – Good Luck!
  • Diaper Raffle Entry – Keep It Safe!
  • Raffle Ticket – Diaper Edition
  • Diaper Raffle – Your Lucky Ticket
  • Diaper Raffle Participant – Thank You For The Support
  • Number ___ Diaper Raffle Ticket- Get Ready to Win!
  • Diaper Duty Just Got Exciting – Will It Be Your Lucky Day?
diaper raffle tickets free pdf download
Diaper Raffle Tickets

For The Sign

  • Diaper Raffle Station.
  • Diaper Raffle Collection.
  • Drop Diapers Here.
  • Contribute to the Diaper Raffle.
  • Help Us Stock Up! Diaper Raffle Collection Area.
  • Diaper Raffle Drop Zone – Thank You For Your Contribution!
  • Get in on the Diaper Raffle Action – Deposit Your Diapers Here.

Diaper Fund

  • Support the Diaper Fund – Help Us Provide for the Baby’s (Plentiful) Diaper Needs!
  • Contribute to the Baby’s Diaper Fund – Every Bit Helps.
  • Diaper Fund Donations – Your Generosity is Greatly Appreciated.
  • Baby’s Diaper Fund – Make Diaper Duty a Litle Easier for the Parents.
  • Help Us Stock Up on Diapers – Donate to the Diaper Fund.

Diaper Brand Preference And Sizes

Diapers are one of the hardest things to return or exchange. It’s important that you specify your preferences to your guests ahead of time. You don’t want to wind up with five or more different brands in the same size!  

diapers in a diaper caddy

Some mamas opt to include wipes as part of the diaper raffle. This is a great idea if you have guests who are on a budget but still want to participate. A package of wipes is much cheaper than a package of diapers. 

Things to consider when listing your brand and size preferences: 

  • Organic vs. non
  • Cloth vs. disposable
  • Swim diapers
  • Brand preference
  • Sizes
  • Wipes

Either include the sizes and brand(s) of diapers that you want on the invitation or insert, or add the diapers that you want to your registry.

Some babies are sensitive to certain brands (my first always got a diaper rash when we used Pampers). For these reasons, you want to get a gift receipt from your guests (ask them to tape it right on the box!). 

If this is your first child, there is no way to know which brand of diapers will be best for you or your child. Aim for diapers from a store that is easy to exchange (for example, my local Walmart was easier to exchange than my Target). You can specify the diapers from a specific store instead of a specific brand. 

Diaper Raffle Prizes

You want to make the prize nice as a token of gratitude to your guests. There is no set value for the grand prize, but generally, it should be equal to or greater than the average pack of diapers. People are not focused on the prize (but rather celebrating the mom and new baby!), but you might have more participation (and more diapers!) if you have an exciting prize to offer. Your diaper raffle prize should differ from your other baby shower game prizes.

Diaper Raffle Grand Prize Ideas: 

  • Gift cards.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Themed gift basket: Spa day, food, wine and chocolate, baking, etc.
  • Alcohol: a bottle of wine or bottle of liquor)
  • Holiday-themed prizes (like Christmas decorations, fall candles, etc.) if your shower is close to a holiday. 
  • Cash 
  • Lottery Ticket Bouquet: An inexpensive DIY diaper raffle prize. Get a basket or vase from Dollar Tree, craft sticks, or pipe cleaners. Buy one or two high-value tickets, and fill the rest with $1 and $2 scratch-offs. Guests will love the opportunity to win big!

You may also want a few smaller prizes (like one-size-fits-all items: scarves, tote bags, etc.) for the runner-up if you have a lot of guests. 

Free Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas 

If you don’t have much money to spend on the grand prize, don’t be discouraged! Here are a few ideas for free grand prizes that I have thought of: 

  • Offer Your Services: Whether you have a job like a hairstylist, chef, teacher, etc., or a hobby like baking or crafting, you can raffle off a prize that your friends and family will love. For example, A free haircut, cooking a private dinner, hosting a cooking class, lawn mowing, landscaping, babysitting, tutoring (for their children)–the sky’s the limit!
  • A Homemade Gift: Like a crocheted afghan, a wreath, homemade soap, a candle, etc. 
  • Unused Coupon Basket: Check with your host or friends for unused gift cards or coupons. Collect multiple $5 gift cards to create a valuable prize worth competing for! You can also check with your local stores to see if they will donate gift certificates or store coupons. 
How to do an office diaper raffle FREE printable signs and tickets.
How To Do An Office Diaper Raffle

Diaper Raffle Alternatives

Here are some fun twists on the traditional diaper raffle. There are no set rules for diaper raffles, so let your imagination run wild! 

Work or Office Diaper Raffle 

Often, your colleagues are eager to celebrate new moms. If a coworker offers to throw an office shower for you, consider setting up a diaper raffle at work. 

  1. Set out a diaper raffle sign in a common area (like an employee lounge or lunchroom) explaining the rules.
  2. Tell your coworkers to drop off the diaper packages with you (or whoever is hosting the raffle) throughout the week to get their tickets.
  3. Give them time to participate in the diaper raffle (a week is good!).
  4. Place a shoe box wrapped in baby shower-themed wrapping paper with a slot cut out of the top near the sign for people to drop their tickets.
  5. At the end of the week, draw a winner before the end of the workday.

Diaper Raffle Auction 

If you have a lot of guests, you could do an auction instead of just one grand prize.

diaper raffle auction tickets free pdf download
Auction Diaper Raffle Tickets

In this game, you have several prizes (one for every ten guests is good). 

  • Guests get multiple raffle tickets (maybe five tickets for each pack of diapers).
  • Guests enter their tickets for the prizes that interest them.
  • The guest of honor draws one winner for each prize.

Baby Sprinkle 

You might not have a shower for every baby. So, a baby sprinkle is a more casual way to celebrate the mom and baby-to-be without the pressure of bringing gifts. You could include a diaper raffle at the sprinkle since every baby needs diapers! 

Gender Reveal Diaper Raffle 

If you’re having a gender reveal, do the diaper raffle instead of at the shower.

Here’s a fun twist: print your diaper raffle tickets on pink and blue paper. Have your guests “vote” for whether they think it is a boy or a girl by having a “box raffle box” and “girl raffle box.” Draw the ticket from the box of the revealed gender. 

Let Dad In On The Fun, Too! 

Not doing a co-ed baby shower? That’s OK! Dads can have their celebration and stock up on diapers, too! 

  • Guy’s Poker Game: Entry to the game is a pack of diapers. 
  • Pregger Kegger: The dad-to-be provides a keg (or two) of beer, and the guests contribute a pack of diapers. 
  • Dadchelor Party: Like a baby shower, but to celebrate Dad! Plan lots of games and, of course, a diaper raffle. 

Why Should You Do a Diaper Raffle? 

Diaper raffles are a fun baby shower activity that provides parents with the ultimate practical baby shower gift: diapers 🧷. 

diaper raffle diaper stash pantry full of diaperes
Diaper Raffle Diaper Stash

The point of a diaper raffle is to help new parents by saving them trips to the store, trying different brands of diapers, and getting lots of different sizes to be prepared for each stage of their baby’s growth. 

Who Should Host The Diaper Raffle? 

Typically, the baby shower host does the diaper raffle at the baby shower. The baby shower host should ask the parent before adding it to the invitation. 

Is a Diaper Raffle Greedy or Tacky? 

Having a diaper raffle at your baby shower is fine if you clarify to your guests that it is optional. Set it up in a way that keeps the participants anonymous. Additionally, ensure you only make one or two requests of your guests. If you ask for more than two things (like traveling a long distance, bringing food or drinks, buying a book instead of a card, etc.), it could come across as greedy or ungrateful.

What Do You Do With All of The Diapers? 

As a new mom, you can get months’ of diapers at a diaper raffle. Stack diaper boxes in closets, under beds, or cribs. Ask for a gift receipt to return or exchange unused boxes. Check the local store’s diaper return policy to avoid getting stuck with unusable ones.

When Should You Draw the Grand Prize?

The guest of honor should draw the raffle winner. You have three options for when to draw the grand prize: 

  1. Before Opening Presents: This will get everyone in the same room and gather their attention for presents. 
  2. Midway Through Opening Presents: This breaks up opening gifts–especially if you have a lot. 
  3. At the End of the Shower: Do this just before you cut the cake. Cake is the universal signal to your guests that it is (politely) time to leave. 

One Entry Per Person Vs. Multiple Entries?

Decide if your raffle will be one entry per person or multiple entries per person.

  • One Entry Per Person: No matter how many diapers or packs a guest brings, everyone gets only one ticket. 
  • Multiple Entries Per Person: For each package (or a specific amount of diapers), you get a raffle ticket. Bring more diapers to get more raffle tickets. 

Diaper Raffle Printables (Free PDF Download)

Feel free to download and print any of these diaper raffle printables: invitation inserts, raffle tickets, and table signs.

Free PDF Diaper Raffle Printables


-Diaper Raffle Invitation Inserts

-Diaper Raffle Tickets

-Diaper Raffle Table Sign

-Auction Tickets

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