Free Printable 2 Week Calendar Template (PDF Download)

If one week isn’t long enough, but a whole monthly calendar is too overwhelming, try a printable 2 week calendar!

My printable 2 week calendars are available as free downloads below in PDF formats.

They are meant for US letter-sized paper (8.5″ by 11″) but will open and scale with any PDF readers, so you could print on A4 Paper Sizes or even on smaller half-sheets to use as planner inserts in a mini binder.

You can download the bi-weekly planner template with either a Sunday or Monday day of the week start. This multi-week calendar also has all seven days of the week, so you can plan your weekends too.

At the bottom, there is ample space for notes for appointment reminders, task lists, your weekly goals, or main goals for that two-week period.

These printable weekly planners are undated, so you can use them year after year! Because they are not dated, there’s no need to ever switch calendars again.

I also included a cheerful color calendar or ink-friendly black and white version.

Free printable free blank 2-week calendar calendar template example.
Free Printable 2 Week Calendar

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Ways To Use The Printable 2 Week Calendar

There are so many uses for this two-week calendar template. Here are a few that I thought of as a busy mom and teacher, but I’m sure you could use them for many other things too!

  • As a meal planner (especially to plan ahead with my toddler meal planning guide!)
  • To set your daily schedule or daily routine
  • To view your entire week at a glance
  • Plan your class schedules and assignment due dates
  • As a habit tracker
  • Diet calendar
  • Setting your daily tasks
  • Writing out your work schedule
  • 2-Week goal setting
  • Writing down important tasks, meetings, important dates, and appointments
  • Create a shopping list
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  • It is a blank weekly schedule template
  • It has a 2 week layout
  • It is a printable planner with several PDF files depending on if you want a Sunday or Monday start
  • Black and white or color print options
  • Seven day of the week date range
  • Prints on standard letter paper
  • Cheerful color palette with pastel colors
  • Large font size
  • Templates for the entire year (all 12 months)
  • Landscape layout for the most
  • Each printable 2 week calendar only uses one sheet of paper
  • You can print as many copies of each month as you want so you can also use it as a monthly planner and on months with a different number of weeks.

If you’re ready to ditch your single-week planners and are looking for different options for organizing your current week as well as the next, you should try this printable 2-week calendar. 

You can download the 2 week printable calendar PDF at the bottom of the page 🡻.

Free blank 2 week calendar calendar template example.
Free Blank 2 Week Calendar
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