RankIQ for New Bloggers: a Unique Tool for Beginners

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Hi! I’m Jacqui

Mother | Teacher | Blogger

I am a blogger and creator of Mommy Maker Teacher, LLC. I’ve been blogging since 2021 and using RankIQ since 2022.

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This insider review is for you if you’re:

  • A new blogger.
  • Trying to get website traffic (even if you have none!).
  • Trying to increase your organic traffic.
  • Trying to increase your affiliate sales or ad income.

This post contains affiliate links for RankIQ. If you find this article helpful, please consider using my referral link. I will earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support 🤗.

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ gives you easy-to-rank-for keywords and helps you write SEO-optimized articles for them. This makes it my 🥇number one blogging tool for:

  1. Driving organic search traffic.
  2. Increasing Domain Authority.
  3. Monetizing my site.

Benefits Include:

  • Done-for-you keyword research.
  • Outrank competitors fast.
  • Increase organic traffic and revenue.

What Others Are Saying:

  • Best keyword research tool for beginners.
  • It gets you the best keywords for free.
  • It tells you exactly what to write.
  • Simple to use.

🔥Introductory Offer

RankIQ is $49 per month (regularly $99) for a limited time.

Pricing Breakdown

Lite Plan

8 Reports Per Month

Standard Plan

16 Reports Per Month

Pro Plan

36 Reports Per Month

Agency Plan

80 Reports Per Month

Annual Pricing

Get 2 months free by signing up for an annual plan.

Pro Tip: Still on the fence? You can save 30% each month by downgrading to the Lite Plan or pausing your membership.

In addition to your monthly reports, you get unlimited access to the:

  • Keyword Library
  • Content Optimizer
  • Rankings Tracker
  • Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Content Planner
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Niche Finder

Take my advice: try RankIQ for 2-3 months. The money I brought in, thanks to my increase in ranking content, more than paid for the membership.

Pros & Cons

  • Complete SEO toolset
  • Done-for-you keyword research
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Best customer service
  • Track Google rankings
  • Simple competition analysis
  • Made for bloggers by bloggers
  • No free trial
  • Requesting a custom niche takes time
  • No context for suggested keywords
  • Cannot save keywords by category
  • Overly simple for advanced bloggers

Psst, 🤫: Get double the RankIQ reports for FREE in your first month!

Your RankIQ reports regenerate on the first of the month, regardless of when you sign up. Sign up during the second or third week of the month, and your reports will be renewed partway through!

My Results

Here’s what happened in the first 6 months:

  • Started on June 2021: 2 daily visitors.
  • One year later: 240 daily visitors!
  • Increased affiliate revenue by 1000%.
  • Started displaying ads 💸.
  • Traffic grew from 0 to over 7K monthly pageviews.
More Traffic

And in 1 year:

  • Over 250 keywords are ranking on page 1.
  • Over 4500 additional Google keyword rankings.
  • Met income goals with predictable earnings.
Screenshots of Ahrefs organic keywords. Text reads "First Page Ranking Keywords (Ahrefs)" and "All Ranking Keywords (Ahrefs)"

Average User Results

RankIQ users grew traffic 468% more than non-users, leading to an average monthly increase of:

  • 8,560 visitors for small blogs
  • 13,840 visitors for medium blogs
  • 57,510 visitors for large blogs
RankIQ & Mediavine 1-Year Study for Page view increases

How RankIQ Compares to Other SEO Tools

What makes RankIQ better:

  • Pre-researched keyword library for easy ranking: No more keyword research or guessing 🥳.
  • Competitor analysis is beginner-friendly.
  • Made for bloggers by bloggers.
  • Access to a network of bloggers for help and support.
RankIQ competitor comparison chart from rankiq.com

🔥You Won’t Find This Anywhere Else:

Other tools like SEMrush, SurferSEO, and Keysearch have similar features. But RankIQ stands out with its beginner-friendly keyword database & mastermind group for support and tips.

Getting Started with RankIQ

Getting started is quick and easy:

  1. Create an account
  2. Sign up for a monthly subscription
  3. Watch the onboarding video
  4. Start generating reports and writing

RankIQ also has incredible customer support if you need any help.

RankIQ’s Keyword Library: Plug-and-Play

  • Plug-and-Play model: pick any keyword you want and start writing—no research is needed.
  • Thousands of low-competition, high-traffic keywords.
  • See keyword data like competition, search volume, and rank time.
  • Unlimited access with no monthly limits.
  • You can request custom libraries.

Difficulty Score

The difficulty score ranges from 1 (the easiest) to 30 (the hardest). Your Domain Authority tells you which difficulty score you can try to rank for. RankIQ has a built-in Domain Authority checker 🎉.

Your Domain AuthorityRecommended Difficulty Score

Rank Speed

Chart showing RankIQ time to rank on Google. Average 180 days, fast 120 days very fast 90 days, ultra fast 60 days or less.


The keyword library makes it easy to find rankable topics to bring organic traffic. It has 500+ pre-researched niches, including:

Lifestyle & Home


Beauty & Wellness

Tech & Business

Education & Knowledge


Family & Relationships

Faith & Spirituality

Finance & Career

Hobbies & Interests

Food & Drink

Special Interests


You can also request a custom library for your niche for free once a month.

SEO Content Reports

This is what you’re “paying for.”

Run SEO reports each month to optimize your articles, including:

⭐ Target grade and word count

Your content is graded from F (poor) to A++ (excellent). RankIQ suggests which grade you should get to be competitive.

RankIQ analyses the SERPS (search engine results pages) to determine how long your article should be.

Pro Tip: Aim to reach both the word count and suggested grade to have the most competitive edge.

⭐ Time to rank estimate

How fast your article will likely rank on Google.

Average180 Days
Fast120 Days
Very Fast90 Days
Ultra Fast60 Days or less

⭐ Content analysis

⭐ Title optimization tools

This section shows the most frequently used words in the current ranking titles.

You’ll want to create your title using as many of these words as you can naturally. In this podcast episode, Brandon gives away the formula you should use for your titles for extra help in creating a top-notch title.  

Once you have your title, you can go to the built-in Title Grader. Input your title with at least four words from the list and aim for a character length of 47 to 53. The title grader will give you a grade that you can use to fine-tune your title.

⭐ Competition analysis

The report serves up stats on your direct competition 🥸.

If you’re a beginner, you can start by reading through the posts (usually 8-10). You can also compare the titles and see if you can see any trends (are they list posts, how-tos, are there dates, etc.).

If you’re a more experienced blogger, you can snoop on your competition’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Referring Domains.

Finally, the report lists the top 3 articles that are the best current examples of content covering your topic. It tells you how long each article is and what grade it would get if run through the Content Optimizer.

Content Optimizer

The content optimizer is where you write your articles.

  • Grade and word count trackers
  • Keyword highlighter
  • Unused keyword tracker
  • Keyword search
  • Outline organizers

Easily copy finished articles from RankIQ to WordPress.

Content optimizer preview infographic

Google Ranking Audit

Connect Google Search Console to monitor rankings over time and make data-driven decisions.

⛔Stop Paying:

For expensive keyword tracking tools, or setting up complicated Search console filters.

Content Planner

The content planner lets you plan and track upcoming articles and updates with the following:

  • Publishing status
  • SEO report summary
  • Publishing checklist
  • Meet your goals as a small publisher

Creating Content with RankIQ

Here’s my process for creating new posts:

  1. Pick a keyword.
  2. Run SEO report.
  3. Create outline.
  4. Write in Content Optimizer.
  5. Copy to WordPress.
  6. Format and publish.

And for updating old posts:

You can use RankIQ to update old posts, even if they weren’t originally written with it.

updated post boost in traffic
  1. See the top query for which the post is ranking and/or the intended keyword.
  2. Run the report for a target keyword.
  3. Copy old post to Content Optimizer.
  4. Update content with LSI keywords.
  5. Improve title.
  6. Paste the updated article to WordPress.
  7. Edit for formatting and UX (user experience).

Choosing the Right Keywords

Look for keywords that will:

⭐ Increase organic traffic

To increase your traffic, sort your entire keyword library by the yearly search volume (largest to smallest).

Target the highest volume you could reasonably rank for based on your domain authority. Filter the results by unchecking anything higher than what you can rank for.

⭐ Generate affiliate revenue

To increase your affiliate earnings, search for keywords with buying intent.

The best keywords with buying intent have “best” or “vs.” in the title.

For example 🔎: “best dog shampoo” or “Dove vs Aveeno body wash.”

Filter for “best” and/or “vs.” in the Keyword Library.

⭐ Increase your Domain Authority

Increasing your domain authority is as easy as getting people to link to your website… Which, let’s face it, is not that easy 🙃.

Give them something on your website that no one else has, and you will likely get links without even trying!

People often search for two things when writing their content:
1) statistics and 2) graphics/images.

If you create posts with statistics or unique graphics and images, you will likely generate backlinks passively.

🔎Look for keywords with “statistics,” “graphic/infographic/chart/printable/examples/etc.”

Boosting domain authority can be daunting. Consider research and graphics as investments. Your hard work will earn backlinks, increasing domain authority and Google rankings.

Higher DA= Higher Google Rankings= More Traffic= More 💵💵💵

Facebook Group

The RankIQ Facebook Group is a goldmine of information. In my opinion, its value is worth the cost of your subscription.

  • Insights and information for bloggers.
  • Direct access to founder Brandon Gaille and 7,000+ active members.
  • Ask questions and get feedback.
  • Lists of guest posting opportunities, hiring writers, and tactics for platforms like Pinterest and email lists.
  • Tips on monetization through products/services and side hustles.
Screenshot of the RankIQ Mastermind Group Logo on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

RankIQ is a no-brainer for new bloggers: It gives you the best keywords in your blog niche that you can rank for (for free!) AND it tells you what to write in your article 🤯.

I highly recommend RankIQ for its:

  • Done-for-you keyword research.
  • SEO expert community.
  • Content optimization tools.

It simplifies keyword research so you can focus on creating valuable content for readers. Overall, RankIQ makes it easy to rank higher and faster.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help.

Ready to Get Started?

RankIQ propelled my blog into a whole new league and can do the same for you!

The Best $50 I Ever Spent on my blog. Jacqui pointing to the text.
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Hi, I'm Jacqui, founder of Mommy Maker Teacher and mom of two toddlers. With a degree in education, 12+ years of experience as a K-12 teacher and curriculum developer, and courses in childhood psychology and language acquisition, I share research-backed parenting tips and advice. I provide helpful content for moms on all stages of motherhood - from trying to conceive and pregnancy to postpartum, breastfeeding, and parenting.

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