How I Used RankIQ to 10X My Blog Traffic & Income

Imagine skyrocketing your blog’s success without drowning in keyword research, SEO strategies, or competitor analysis. Sounds like a dream, right? Enter RankIQ – the game-changing AI-powered SEO toolset that revolutionized my blog boosting organic traffic and earnings by over 10 times 🤯💵.

RankIQ simplifies the process by discovering low-competition, high-traffic keywords tailored to your niche and guiding you through content optimization. In this article, I’ll reveal how RankIQ transformed my blog’s income and how it can supercharge yours too 🚀.

RankIQ homepage with August 2023 content planner and publisher goals update

This post contains affiliate links for RankIQ. If you find this article helpful, please consider using my referral link. I will earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support 🤗.

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Let me give you the inside scoop on everything I know about RankIQ 👀

  1. How I increased my earnings 1000%
  2. What comes with your RankIQ subscription
  3. Plans and pricing for RankIQ
  4. A full tutorial on how to use the RankIQ platform
  5. Publisher Goals, Content Calendar, and Content Planner
  6. Some background on Brandon Gaille plus additional free resource
  7. Frequently Asked Questions on RankIQ

Plus My FREE Bonuses:

  1. Get 2X the RankIQ reports for FREE in your first month.
  2. FREE RankIQ PDF: Finding the BEST KEYWORDS in the keyword libraries.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Lots of SEO tools are tricky to figure out. You often need to be an SEO pro to use them.

RankIQ is different. It’s straightforward and user-friendly for everyone. Just watch a short 20-minute video to get started, and you’ll be all set to start writing.

Here’s the step-by-step process for using RankIQ:

  1. Open the Keyword Library
  2. Pick the low-competition keyword you want to write about
  3. Run a report
  4. Write your article
RankIQ member login screen

RankIQ Key Features

Whether you’re a new blogger or have experience in content creation, RankIQ offers more than just an AI keyword tool. It’s an SEO toolset with these features:

  • Pre-researched Keyword Libraries: Filled with low-competition keywords that are easy to rank for.
  • Content Enhancement: RankIQ helps you create new posts or improve old ones to increase your chances of ranking on search engines like Google.
  • AI-Powered Tools: RankIQ is an AI SEO toolset with various tools driven by artificial intelligence to assist with optimizing for search engines.

With your RankIQ subscription (starting at $29 a month), you’ll have access to:

  • Unlimited access to the Keyword Library.
  • AI SEO Reports (quantity depends on your chosen plan).
  • Unlimited access to the Content Optimizer.
  • Google Ranking Tracker.
  • Brandon Gaille’s RankIQ Mastermind Group on Facebook.

🎥RankIQ Subscription Key Features Video:

RankIQ In A Nutshell 🥜

Curious about RankIQ’s worth? It’s a resounding yes. RankIQ is here for bloggers, offering a boost in organic traffic. It’s a tool for content creators to find perfect keywords for new blog posts or effortlessly revive old, underperforming ones – all within minutes – and land on Google’s first page.

With RankIQ, you gain access to this niche-specific keyword research, known as the Keyword Library.

What makes RankIQ stand out from other AI and SEO platforms is its hands-on keyword research.

🎉 But it’s not just algorithms doing the work… The research is personally conducted by Brandon Gaille, the multimillionaire blogger, along with his team 🥳.

Once you’ve picked your keyword, RankIQ’s AI kicks in. It provides a list of essential words for your article, along with a title suggestion, all aimed at securing that top Google spot.

That’s not all – you also get article-length recommendations, competition insights, competitor links, and more.

Keep reading to learn how RankIQ propelled my blog from zero organic Google traffic to a million impressions and 20,000 organic search clicks in under a year.

Update [January 2023]: My organic Google impressions have now exceeded 2.5 million.

Google search console steady growth with RankIQ
Shocked woman pointing to "No more keyword research with RankIQ"

RankIQ Plans and Pricing

RankIQ offers plans to suit your needs, starting at $29.00 per month. While there’s no free trial or PROMO codes available, don’t be discouraged! You can still benefit from valuable bonuses.


  • Lite Plan (8 Reports Per Month): $29.00
  • Standard Plan (16 Reports Per Month): $49.00
  • Pro Plan (36 Reports Per Month): $99.00
  • Agency Plan (80 Reports Per Month): $199.00


With any plan, you’ll enjoy full access to the features mentioned earlier, as well as a unique opportunity to directly connect with Brandon through his exclusive Facebook Mastermind Page.

Important Update:

Users have shared feedback about account cancellations leading to loss of access to previously generated reports. To address this, RankIQ now offers a “pause subscription” option. By choosing this, you can temporarily freeze your monthly payment. Upon unfreezing, you’ll regain access to all your past reports.

Limited Time Offer:

While RankIQ doesn’t offer free trials or coupon codes, you can still experience its benefits with a special deal. Try RankIQ on the Lite Plan for 30% OFF, paying only $29.00.

RankIQ plans and pricing chart


Wondering how RankIQ stacks up with the competition?

RankIQAhrefsSEMRushSurfer SEOMarket MuseFrase
💳 Plans (Starting At)$29$99$119$59Free$14.99
ℹ️ AI Content Briefs/Analysis
🔎 Ready-to-Use Keywords
🔍 Advanced Keyword research
📈 Track Rankings
🙂 Ease of Use😁🤬😡😀😐😐
📝Keywords for Titles
Competition Comparison Chart for RankIQ

RankIQ Review: How I Grew My Organic Traffic & Revenue 10X

👋Hey there, I’m Jacqui – a proud mommy blogger juggling two adorable kids and part-time high school teaching. Buckle up as I take you through my inspiring journey – the highs, the hurdles, and the game-changer that is RankIQ.

From Zero to Profit: The RankIQ Effect

Two and a half years ago, I ventured into the blogging world with a grand budget of $0 and a spare 10 hours per week. Fast forward, and guess what? RankIQ has transformed my blogging game into a profitable venture!

Recent Twist: Life threw a curveball – another child, a complex pregnancy. Amid this, I couldn’t write as often. But here’s the kicker – RankIQ kept working for me, boosting my traffic and search visibility even when I couldn’t.

How RankIQ impressions and clicks continued to grow even after I had to take a break from blogging

Choosing Change: Embracing RankIQ

Starting as a blogging newbie (much like you), the money versus time dilemma hits hard. I get it – cash is tight, and your blog’s traffic might still be finding its rhythm.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there. It’s tempting to envy bloggers with cash to burn on courses and marketing. But let me drop a truth bomb: Slow and steady can win the race, even in 2023.

After my first 6 months brought no income, I realized I needed a boost. Enter RankIQ. Despite my limited budget, I scraped enough for the lite RankIQ plan.

Before RankIQ I was lucky to earn $10 in affiliate revenue. After starting RankIQ the turnaround was swift. Affiliate and ad revenue kicked up, covering my RankIQ costs.

I decided to give RankIQ a shot for 6 months. I set a target: $100 monthly income from my blog within 6 months. Guess what? RankIQ not only met but exceeded that goal. 💸RankIQ quickly 10X-ed my cash flow!

My next goal? $1000 a month!

Amazon affiliate sales graphic RankIQ before and after
Google adsense earnings since starting RankIQ

RankIQ: Magic Unveiled

RankIQ’s free keyword research method, revealed by Brandon, was a game-changer. Hours of content analysis boiled down to 90 seconds with RankIQ. It handed me the blueprint: what to write, keywords, and even outlines. Writing – my strength; keyword hunt – not so much.

No more fuss with complex keyword tools. RankIQ hands you the insights on a platter, letting you focus on the fun – content creation.

Elevating Old Content

RankIQ’s power doesn’t stop at new content. It breathes life into older posts (like some of my cringe-worthly first posts from before I knew what I was doing 🤪!), boosting their search presence. It’s simple:

  1. Identify the post.
  2. Pick a keyword.
  3. Run a report.
  4. Update the post with SEO insights.

Brandon’s podcast and Facebook group provide extra guidance – your old posts can shine anew.

Support and Community

Beyond tools, RankIQ offers stellar support from Brandon and Natalie, and the RankIQ Facebook group is your haven for learning and connecting with fellow bloggers.

The Verdict

Since RankIQ’s embrace, my blog’s organic Google traffic has soared, transforming its monetary value.

RankIQ took me from publishing just 1 article a week to 3 or more articles weekly, a staggering 300% boost in productivity. Ranking in Google’s top 10? RankIQ made it possible.

Unbelievably, RankIQ keeps me ranking high even with limited hours due to motherhood. Its magic is not just affordability – it’s the unwavering insights and support.

Keyword research and SEO is essential for top performance, and RankIQ stands out as the ultimate toolkit for new bloggers, empowering even beginners to rank for keywords organically.

RankIQ Pros and Cons

Easy to use and get startedNo free trial
Done-for-you keyword research (seriously, just pick your keywords from a list)Can take weeks to get your niche added
Get keywords for your own personal niche for freeNo context for suggested keywords
The best customer service The platform can be buggy
Track your rankings on Google
Detailed competition analysis
Estimated time to rank for keywords
FREE Facebook Mastermind Group with Brandon Gaille
Made for bloggers by bloggers
Makes competitive SEO easy
RankIQ Pros and Cons Table

RankIQ Alternatives

If you’re not sure whether RankIQ is the right fit for you, you can check out some of these other RankIQ alternatives.

  1. Ahrefs: Offers keyword research, link building, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site auditing. Check out their free Webmaster Tools.
  2. SEMRush: Provides insights into digital marketing trends and enhances online visibility.
  3. Surfer SEO: Focuses on improving on-page SEO.
  4. MarketMuse: Automates content audits, tells you what to include, and highlights gaps in your articles.
  5. Frase: Speeds up research and writing of SEO-optimized content.
  6. Use Topic: Ideal for editors and agencies seeking rapid creation of quality content briefs.
  7. ClearScope: Uses Natural Language Processing to suggest content for gaining organic traffic.
  8. Keyword Surfer: A free SEO Chrome extension that reveals keyword traffic volume and competition.

Tutorial: Unleash The Power of RankIQ

Whether you’re a new user, or seeing to enhance your RankIQ skills, this tutorial will guide you through the platform’s capabilities and give you all of the insider RankIQ info you’ve been searching for. Get ready to harness the potential of RankIQ!

Remember that your RankIQ subscriptions includes:

  1. Keyword Libraries
  2. AI SEO Reports
  3. The Content Optimizer
  4. Google Rankings Tracker
  5. RankIQ Mastermind Group

Keyword Library: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Let’s explore the Keyword Library – a collection of carefully chosen keywords curated by Brandon and his team.

As a subscriber, you gain access to various keyword libraries organized by niches like food, parenting, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Alternatively, request personalized niche research for free.

Pro Tip: Check out what niches are already covered in my FAQs.

All words in the keyword libraries are good keywords for your blog. These are high search volume and low competition keywords. RankIQ takes the guesswork out of what to write.

This improves your chance of ranking on Google, especially with Brandon’s RankIQ Content Optimizer (see below).

Optimize Searches with RankIQ Filters in the Keyword Library:

The Keyword Library now features drop-down filters for easy keyword searches. Want detailed keyword filtering insights? Download my RankIQ Keyword Research FREE PDF.

Pro Tip: If you’re concerned with whether RankIQ has enough existing content in your niche, feel free to email me at and I can check the keyword library for your niche and give you a rough idea of how many keywords there are already.

Each keyword in the library provides (more details on each below):

  1. A competition score
  2. YEARLY search volume
  3. Estimated ranking speed.

Competition Score

The difficulty score ranges from 1 (the easiest) to 100 (the hardest).

screenshot of the rankiq competition score

Search Volume

The search volume is based on yearly searches, which sets RankIQ apart from most of the other tools that use monthly data. Yearly search volume can vary from a few hundred searches to over 100,000.

Don’t be discouraged by keywords with around 1,000 yearly searches or fewer. These keywords are actually the secret sauce to RankIQ’s unique approach.

Brandon’s research reveals that ranking for lower-volume keywords often leads to ranking for many other related keywords too. So, your traffic potential is much higher!

screenshot of the rankiq search volume in visits per year

Rank Speed

Keywords receive a RankIQ predictor for their speed of ranking on Google:

  • Average (about 180 days)
  • Fast (around 120 days)
  • Very fast (approximately 90 days)
  • Ultra-fast (60 days or less)

While these estimates aren’t definite due to Google’s algorithm secrecy, my articles labeled “ultra-fast” ranked in the top 100 within days, indicating their accuracy.

Infographic on the RankIQ time to rank guidelines

🎥Check out the RankIQ Keyword Library Video for more insights:

Exploring The Keyword Libraries and Niche Finder

The Keyword Library is stocked with keywords across numerous niches, hand-selected by Brandon and his team for their high traffic potential and low competition. The keywords are organized into niches, and you can sort them by rank time, competition, and projected Google traffic.

rankiq keyword library niche examples
RankIQ Keyword Library Niches

Keyword Library Search Tool

The library’s search bar lets you locate specific terms within a niche or cast a wider net by searching your keyword across all categories.

Keywords By Domain Authority

Brandon also has a built-in graphic that breaks down exactly which types of keywords you should be targeting in the keyword library based on your domain authority.

rankiq keywords by domain authority graphic

🚨Request a New Niche

Can’t find your niche? Brandon provides personalized research. Subscribers can request this service once a month without additional charges. Although it’s estimated to take 3-4 weeks due to demand, Brandon often delivers faster than anticipated.

🔎Niche Finder

For bloggers in broader niches, the Niche Finder is invaluable. While I mainly write about babies, this tool has revealed related sub-niches like “baby sleep”.

rankiq secret niche finder

It’s perfect for refining broad topics or uncovering new related ones. You can even download the findings for easy reference. Brandon has truly catered to every blogger’s needs.

niche finder example

🎥Watch and get more insider tips on the niche finder:

My Keyword Library: Your Personal Library

  • This is separate from the main Keyword Library.
  • It’s a space for you to store keywords you’re interested in and might want to analyze later.
  • Add as many keywords as you like.
  • Review them sequentially or sort to pinpoint the ideal topics monthly.
rankiq my keyword library

Pro Tip: Curious about how I optimize the Personal Keyword Library to select the best keywords every month? Click here for my exclusive insider tips.

AI SEO Report Guide

Once you’ve pinpointed your keyword phrase, it’s time to maximize the New RankIQ AI SEO Report.

Content Recommendations:

  • The idea content grade.
  • A suggested word count for your article.
  • The number of sources consulted for the analysis.
  • Key topics (or LSI keywords) Google wants you to use in your article.

Title Enhancements:

  • A list of around 20 buzzwords for your title.
  • Real-life title examples from the Google search results.
  • A title grader to get real-time feedback.

Competition Analysis:

  • Backlink profiles of your prime competitors.
  • Key title modifiers to include for search intent
  • Top 3 ranking articles for your topic to review.
new rankiq seo report

Suggested Content Grade

When you’re working with the Content Optimizer, it’ll gauge your article based on its length and the LSI (related) keywords you sprinkle in. Make sure to keep refining within the Optimizer until your article matches the Suggested Content Grade from the report.

Suggested Word Count

Here’s your article’s target word count.

If you’re in the 1,000-words-or-less club, this Suggested Word Count could feel a bit overwhelming.

Honestly, I sometimes need a nudge to rein in my articles when they get, well, a tad too chatty. Like this one, for instance. 😉

Sources Analyzed

This tells you how many articles the software analyzed to complete the report. In all cases that I have seen, 30 sources were analyzed.

Content Analysis

The report kicks off with the “content analysis” section, which hands you a keyword list of 40 topics (also called related keywords or LSI keywords) Google suggests. While this list can extend beyond 70 words, zero in on the top 40 – they’re the priorities.

Thanks to the revamped layout, you can now conveniently delete any suggested keywords that don’t resonate with your topic. Remember, you’re the expert!

Use this refined list to write your article outline. Plus, another nifty perk? The Content Report now tags related keywords, making structuring your article outline a breeze.

Pro-Tip: If you’re a bit lost on how to start Brandon has a tutorial for all RankIQ members. It’s a straightforward guide to creating your article outline from the Content Analysis.

Title Analysis Overview

The detailed title analysis was tailor-made for writing clickable titles. You’ll get a light of roughly 20 words, ranked by their popularity, and tagged to show important modifiers and priority keywords.

Bonus: The analysis also includes 10 real-world ranking Google titles for inspiration.

Pro Tip: For extra help in creating a top-notch title, Brandon gives away the specific formula you should use for your titles in this podcast episode.  

RankIQ Title Grader

Got your title ready? Pop it into the Title Grader to get an instant score. This tool gives you insights into how many words you should pick from the title analysis and the ideal character length (between 47 and 53 characters).

The grader keeps track of the words you’ve used with checkmarks so you can identify other words you might’ve missed.

Comprehensive Competition Analysis

Want to know how you stack up against the competition? The Top Ranking Titles with Competition Analysis section has you covered.

View the backlink profiles of your top competitors, measure up your domain and page authority against theirs, and look for patterns and search intent based on numbers, modifiers, or years in their titles.

Spotlight on the Highest-Graded Ranking Content

Finally, the report lists the top 3 articles that are the current best examples of content that cover your topic.

You can click on these articles and read through them if you want as part of your research. 

Each of these three articles is given an overall content grade (he uses classic letter grades like B+, C-, A, etc.).

🎥Watch the RankIQ Content Brief Video for an overview:

Content Optimizer Guide

Once you’ve honed your title and chalked out an outline, it’s time to dive into RankIQ’s Content Optimizer.

Article Snapshot:
You’ll see an array of info at the top. This includes your current grade, a suggested article word count, your target keyword, a list of related keywords, and a basic suite of word-processing tools.

rankiq content optimizer screenshot

Article Grade:
You’ll see two grades. The one in red is where you stand, while the next grade is where you need to be to boost your chances of landing on Google’s first page. Increase your grade by incorporating more keywords.

Word Count Insights:
Next up, you’ll find the word count section. The red digit tells you the words you have so far, while the bracketed number suggests the ideal word count. Aim to hit the mark on both the grade and word count.

Keyword Guide and Customized View:
As you write, keep an eye on the related keywords on the right. These are sorted by relevance. Try to incorporate as many keywords as you get, but a word of caution: avoid the temptation of keyword stuffing (Google finds it spammy).

Pick the keyword view you prefer – whether it’s all, unused, or tagged (sourced from the SEO Report). Plus, you can now easily spot and highlight used keywords in your content and even run keyword searches.

RankIQ content optimizer showing highlight keywords in text feature.

Formatting Essentials:
While the Content Optimizer may not rival the fanciest of word processors, it offers fundamental formatting like H2 headings and bold text. The real magic? Copy your piece from RankIQ to WordPress, and your formatting remains intact. No more tedious tweaks!

One-Click Download:
Once you’re done you can download your article from the Content Optimizer to a Word Document in a single click for easy reading and editing.

Download content optimizer new update button on RankIQ

🎥 RankIQ Content Optimizer Video:

Google Rankings Tracker

This is the newest tool in the RankIQ suite. You can link your Google Search Console Account to link your Google Analytics and find your website from the properties you own.

rankiq google ranksing and traffic analysis

Google Rankings and Traffic Analysis

Once you run the analysis, you will get a wide variety of extremely helpful tables and charts showing:

  • Top Traffic Drivers: Discover which keywords are funneling the most visitors to your blog.
  • Organic Traffic Trends: View a graph charting your organic traffic flow.
  • Device-based Traffic (Last 180 Days): Compare the last 90 days of traffic from various devices to the 90 days before that.
  • Geographical Traffic (Last 180 Days): See where your audience is coming from, comparing the most recent 90 days to the prior ones.
  • Popular Pages:
    • Discover the pages that attracted the most visitors in the last 28 days and the last 90 days.
    • Identify pages experiencing traffic boosts or dips, looking at short-term (28-day intervals), long-term (6-month intervals), and year-over-year (3-month comparison from the previous year).

All this information is available on Google Search Console, but it’s not easy to find, and certainly not as organized and easy to read as the RankIQ Rankings Tracker.

It’s nice to see where the growth is, and where traffic is decreasing. You can look at whether the articles need to be updated after a year, or maybe the keyword is just too difficult to stay competitive with.

Publisher Goals, Content Calendar, and Content Planner

There are some very interesting organizational and planning tools available to content creators in RankIQ thanks to the August 2023 update 🕵️.

Those updates include:

  1. Publisher Goals
  2. Content Planner
  3. Content Calendar
RankIQ homepage with publisher goals update

Publisher Goals

Here’s a tool that lets you monitor both new blog posts you publish and the existing ones you update. Feel free to adjust your goals or even hide them if you prefer.


  • It’s purely for your tracking.
  • No restrictions or extra costs, regardless of your plan.

However, keep in mind:

  • You can’t directly import articles; they need to be processed via RankIQ first.
  • If you’re using tools other than RankIQ, this might not capture all your site’s activities.

Content Planner

This content planner comes packed with useful features. While there’s a tutorial video to guide you, here’s a quick peek:

  • Unscheduled Reports: These are reports not yet added to the content calendar.
  • Scheduled Reports: These are reports already set on the content calendar.
RankIQ content planner with arrows pointing to tagging features

Plus, your home screen now displays data that was previously only in the SEO Report:

  • Competition Score
  • Annual Visits
  • Time to Rank
  • Keyword Category
  • Grade
  • Word Count
  • Report Date

Unscheduled Reports:

There are some other tags that you can attribute to your posts:

  • Scheduled Date: When your post will go live (Note: this will not publish the post for you).
  • New Post/Update: Set which category your post is.
  • Stage of Creation: Set where you are in the creation process.
  • Writer: Track your writers.
  • URL of Page: Insert a link to the current version of the page.
Content planner tags

Scheduled Reports + RankIQ SEO Blog Post Checklist:

All of the information on the scheduled reports page looks the same, with the addition: the RankIQ SEO Blog Post Checklist. Track which tasks have been completed to increase your Google rankings (and boost your income!).

RankIQ scheduled post content planner seo checklist

RankIQ Blog Post SEO Checklist:

  • Featured Image
  • Post Images
  • Headings
  • Formatting
  • Internal Links
  • Proofread
  • Share on Social
  • Email List

Brandon goes into detail in his mastermind group and on his podcast about how to optimize your blog post for each of these steps (for FREE 🥳).

Content Calendar

A visual representation of your schedule new posts and updates.

RankIQ Content Calendar

Meet Brandon Gaille: From The Blogging Millionaire Podcast to RankIQ

Brandon Gaille isn’t just the brain behind RankIQ; he’s also the voice of the popular Blogging Millionaire Podcast. With a knack for guiding new bloggers, he teaches how to craft content that tops Google and pulls in traffic.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Brandon skyrocketed his blogs to an impressive 5 million viewers per month, thanks to his savvy keyword research.
  • His secret? Targeting low competition, high-traffic keywords, delivering standout content, and nabbing that coveted 1st-page Google ranking.
  • But the real golden nugget? If you’re not up for investing in RankIQ yet, Brandon generously breaks down the manual keyword research process used for RankIQ in his podcast – for free

Now, while Brandon’s method is gold, it’s not a quick grab. It’s a thorough process, and that’s why he introduced RankIQ: to harness AI and reduce hours of keyword research to mere minutes.

The Blogging Millionaire Podcast: My Starting Point

When I embarked on my blogging journey, Brandon’s podcast was my go-to resource. His insights into SEO, link-building, and keyword research were invaluable.

The blogging millionaire podcast

Diving deep into the podcast equipped me with an understanding of RankIQ’s algorithms and how to leverage its content reports for Google dominance. So, for any budding bloggers out there, pair Brandon’s podcast with RankIQ for the ultimate edge.

Admittedly, I invested about 40 hours into relevant podcast episodes. But trust me, it’s an investment that’s paid dividends.

Quick Tip: If you’re a blogging newbie, make his podcast your starting point. Once you’re ready to write, weave in RankIQ.

RankIQ (Paid) Vs. The Blogging Millionaire Podcast (Free)

You might ponder, “Why opt for RankIQ’s paid tool when Brandon spills the beans for free on his podcast?” The answer is twofold: time and productivity.

Brandon himself admits RankIQ is about efficiency. Imagine swapping hours of grueling manual keyword research for just a few AI-powered minutes. That time saved? Pour it into creating content.

Here’s the breakdown: More writing ➡️ More traffic ➡️ Increased earnings.

Remember, time saved isn’t just convenience; it’s potential income. In the blogging world, every minute counts!

Infographic Brandon Gaille's SEO Strategy in a nutshell

The RankIQ Facebook Mastermind Group

As a RankIQ member, you get free entry to Brandon’s exclusive RankIQ Mastermind group on Facebook.

Here’s why it’s been a game-changer for me:

  1. Direct Access to Brandon: Got a question? Post it! Brandon consistently replies within a day or two, with solid advice.
  2. Moral Support: When I grappled with self-doubt in my early blogging days, Brandon was right there with encouraging words.

The Collective Wisdom of RankIQ Mastermind Group

Beyond Brandon, the group is a goldmine. With thousands of members, there’s a constant exchange of insights, experiences, successes, and hurdles.

  • Staying Updated: In the ever-evolving world of blogging, platforms like Google and Pinterest frequently tweak their algorithms. In the group, members quickly share their experiences with these changes.
  • Shared Journeys: Knowing that others are sailing in the same boat, especially during challenging times, offers comfort. It’s a community where we celebrate, learn, and grow together.
rankiq mastermind facebook group screenshot of advice
Surprised man at a computer with text reading "how to get a millionaire blogger to do your keyword research for only $49"


What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an SEO tool for new and advanced bloggers. The AI software tells bloggers exactly which keywords to target, what to write about for each keyword, what to include in their title, how long their article should be, how long it should take to rank on Google, and tracks your Google rankings.

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ is a software program that uses proprietary artificial intelligence through IBM Watson to tell you exactly what to write in your articles to rank on the first page of Google.
You pay a monthly subscription that allows you to run AI SEO Reports on given keywords each month for this information

Does RankIQ work?

Wondering if RankIQ can truly enhance your article’s Google ranking? Let me share my experience.

I posted my first RankIQ article on “pros and cons of extended breastfeeding” using RankIQ on June 22, 2021. Within just two weeks, Google had indexed it. The article ranked at position 38 for “extended breastfeeding pros and cons.”

Sure, position 38 does not seem too thrilling. Being in the top 10 is the gold standard, after all. But consider this: my other articles, not written with RankIQ, hadn’t even made it onto Google’s index, much less its ranking pages.

In 14 days with RankIQ, I achieved what I hadn’t managed in 6 months on my own.

Update: My RankIQ articles have generated over 4,500 ranking keywords, including more than 200 top 10 ranking keywords on Google.

What’s included in your RankIQ membership?

RankIQ is a monthly subscription. There is no commitment so you can cancel anytime.
In addition to the AI SEO Reports, you get access to a full blogging toolset with your RankIQ subscription.
Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Instant access to a keyword library of the lowest competition keywords.
  • Run AI SEO Reports and use the Content Optimizer (the number of reports depends on the plan that you pick)
  • Google Rankings Tracker
  • Brandon Gaille’s RankIQ Mastermind Group on Facebook

How much does RankIQ cost?

RankIQ offers a starting price of $29/month, giving you 8 reports. Brandon has hinted that these attractive rates are promotional and may increase soon. However, if you subscribe now, you’ll lock in this rate and avoid future price hikes.

Does RankIQ have a free trial?

Regrettably, RankIQ doesn’t offer a free trial, nor do they have any promo or discount codes. I must admit, the lack of a free trial initially made me hesitant to subscribe. However, I hope my review of RankIQ aids you in making a more informed decision.

Is RankIQ’s customer service good?

Absolutely! RankIQ offers top-notch customer service. Here’s why:

  • Direct Access: Your membership lets you directly connect with Brandon and his team, including his wonderful wife, Natalie. Whether it’s via email, chat, or built-in request forms, they’re there to help.
  • Personal Touch: Both Brandon and Natalie have personally addressed many of my queries, from platform features to broader blogging guidance.
  • The RankIQ Mastermind Group: This group, with over 3,000 members, is a goldmine. Beyond the team’s support, fellow members share insights on a wide range of blogging topics.

In my experience across various services in life and career, RankIQ stands out as having the best customer support. And considering the value I receive even on the lite plan, it feels like an unbeatable deal.

How does RankIQ compare to the competition?

If you’re a blogger, RankIQ blows all of its competitors out of the water. They are less expensive, easier to use, and give you all of the important information that you need to know as a blogger like article length, time to rank, words to put in your articles and titles, etc.

What’s inside the Keyword Library?

Brandon has curated thousands of keywords in the keyword library. These keywords are known for their high search volume and low competition, making them prime choices for bloggers.

What niches are in the RankIQ Keyword Library?

RankIQ’s keyword library boasts a vast range of niches. They’re always expanding, but here’s a snapshot of the general categories available:

  • Lifestyle & Home: Party Ideas, DIY, Interior Design and Decor, Holidays, Home, Gardening, Fashion
  • Creativity: Arts and Crafts, Books, Music, Photography, Printables
  • Beauty & Wellness: Beauty, Hair, Fitness, Health, Mental Health, Mindset, Nutrition
  • Tech & Business: Computers, Business, Careers, Web Design, Web Hosting, Tech
  • Education & Knowledge: College, Homeschool, Teaching, Psychology, Quotes
  • Entertainment: Disney, Movies, Gaming, Music
  • Family & Relationships: Parenting, Mom, Relationships, Weddings
  • Faith & Spirituality: Religion
  • Finance & Career: Personal Finance, Business, Careers
  • Hobbies & Interests: Collectibles, Cats and Dogs, Farming, Hunting, Outdoors, Sports, Survival
  • Food & Drink: Food
  • Special Interests: Military, Construction, Travel, Gifts

If you’re curious about a specific niche or how many keywords are available in a particular category, reach out to me at I’d be glad to help!

Is RankIQ for food bloggers?

Yes! Brandon has done research to find that food bloggers and mommy bloggers are some of the highest-paid bloggers on the internet.
There are dozens of keyword libraries for every type of food blogger you can imagine (vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.).

Do I have to use keywords from the RankIQ Keyword Library?

Not necessarily.

While the RankIQ Keyword Library enhances your subscription, it’s not mandatory to use it. If you’re good at keyword research and seeing results, you can run RankIQ reports on your own keywords. You might opt to rely on the library occasionally or not at all.

Quick Tip: Before generating a report on a self-chosen keyword phrase, check it in the library’s search bar. This way, you can preview its stats (like traffic and competition) or find a closely related term.

What’s an AI SEO Report?

An AI SEO Report provides you with:

  • An article outline to follow.
  • A target “grade” to rank on Google.
  • Guidance on article length.
  • Title recommendations for better clicks and visibility.
  • Direct links to your competition.

For a detailed breakdown, refer to the ‘SEO Report’ section in the tutorial above.

What if you need more reports?

If you need more reports than your plan has in a month, you can upgrade your account for the month, and then downgrade back to your regular amount.
Otherwise, you can just wait for the reports to replenish the following month.

What happens to unused reports?

Unused reports won’t carry over to the next month—use them or forfeit them. Remember, you’re already paying for these reports as part of your subscription. To maximize the value, make sure to run all available reports.

Here’s a tip from Brandon: Don’t have fresh keywords in mind? Use the reports to revisit and refresh older posts. The good news is once you generate a report, it’s yours forever. So even if you’re too busy to write immediately, the report will be there when you’re ready.

Why are LSI keywords vital for bloggers?

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are terms related to your main topic, and they play a crucial role in helping Google deeply understand and accurately index your content.

By incorporating these terms, which RankIQ’s AI identifies, bloggers ensure their articles attract the right readers. When Google observes these readers engaging positively with your content, it can boost your article’s ranking, leading to increased traffic.

infographic how lsi related keywords help build traffic and rankings on google
Why RankIQ LSI (Related Keywords) Are Important

What’s the Content Optimizer?

The Content Optimizer is a tool within RankIQ where you can draft your article. While writing, it:

  • Tracks your word count.
  • Notes used and unused keywords.
  • Grades your content based on optimization criteria.

When your article meets the required word count and grade, it’s optimized and ready to go live!

How does RankIQ track your Google standings?

With RankIQ’s rankings tracker tool, monitoring your position on Google is a breeze. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your member page.
  2. Click on the rankings tracker tool.
  3. Connect your website through the Google Search Console.
  4. Voilà! View all your pages and keywords, complete with their gains or losses. This ensures you always know which content is climbing the ranks and which might need a boost.

How quickly can you rank on Google using RankIQ?

Honestly, I got an exact keyword phrase from the keyword library to rank in the top 100 search results in just 3 days.
If you’re trying to get on the first page of Google, RankIQ can help you do that in 30-60 days by targeting “Ultra-Fast” keywords.

Is using RankIQ’s AI harmful to my Google ranking?

Google emphasizes the importance of genuine, human-written content and is wary of AI-generated content.

When using RankIQ, it’s vital to understand it as a guiding tool rather than a content creator. If misused, like for keyword stuffing or in tandem with AI writing tools, you might face repercussions from Google.

Think of RankIQ as a writing assistant. It aids in keyword discovery, crafts effective titles, and provides a structured outline. However, it doesn’t produce the content itself. This distinguishes RankIQ from AI content generators like Jasper.

Ultimately, genuine and thorough content is what Google values. As long as you use RankIQ correctly and craft authentic content, Google should reward your efforts. I’ve utilized RankIQ as intended for over a year, weathered several Google updates, and haven’t faced any penalties.

Does RankIQ have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, RankIQ pays $100 per referral. As far as I know, you must be a RankIQ member to be an affiliate. I can be an affiliate even as a RankIQ Lite member.

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