Tailwind Create Vs. Canva For Creating Pinterest Pins

If you create Pinterest pins, you’ve heard of Tailwind and Canva. I will dive into Tailwind Create–a Tailwind App tool–and compare Tailwind Create vs. Canva for creating Pinterest pins. Spoiler Alert: I am leaning toward Tailwind Create for creating Pinterest pins these days!

Huge Growth

I have been using Tailwind Create for about two weeks now. I am a brand-new blogger (read about my journey here), so these numbers might not seem impressive to veteran bloggers, but they are huge for someone like me who has only been doing this for three weeks!

Jacqui using Tailwind Create on her laptop to create Pinterest Pins.

In those two weeks, my brand new Pinterest account grew from 1.9K monthly impressions to 5.1K monthly impressions!

Update: Since originally writing this post over two years ago, my Pinterest impressions are up to a staggering 300,000 per month 🥳.

Tailwind Create (winner) vs. Canva
Tailwind Create Vs. Canva

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Before Tailwind

screenshot of pinterest impressions before tailwind create
Screenshot of My Pinterest Analytics Before Tailwind Create

After Tailwind

screenshot of pinterest analytics after using tailwind create
Screenshot of Pinterest Analytics After Using Tailwind Create

I almost peed my pants–#momproblems, amiright?–when I saw this crazy jump.

Update: I can’t believe in the same 90-day window, my Pinterest impressions are over 1 million!

Screenshot of Pinterest analytics and 1 million impressions in the last 90 days.

UPDATE: In addition to upping my Pinterest impressions with Tailwind Create, I have also been able to update my Google Search Impressions from a few thousand to almost 100,000 in a few short months. Want to know my secret? Find out here.

Deciding To Try Tailwind

I wasn’t sure if I needed Tailwind to grow my Pinterest account. I signed up for a Tailwind account because I was interested in joining the Tailwind Communities (formerly Tribes).

Tailwind Communities are sort of like Pinterest Group boards on Hyperdrive. You can get a lot more analytics from Communities, a feature I really like.

They are also a free audience to share my pins with and generate more traffic to my blog.

I was tinkering with Tailwind and came across the Tailwind Create app within the dashboard. After a few minutes of experimenting, I knew that when comparing creating Pinterest Pins on Tailwind Create vs. Canva, Tailwind Create would save me SO much time.

Pro Tip: As a new blogger, finding all of the simple blogging tools to promote and share your content is the key to generating traffic to your blog.

How You Can Try Tailwind For 3+ Months For Free

I figured if I signed up for a Tailwind account I would at least try the free trial for their scheduler.

You can try their scheduler for free for up to 100 pins. There is no time limit, so you can do like I did and play around with scheduling only 1 or 2 pins daily (for 50-100 free days on Tailwind) or going more aggressively and scheduling 10 or 15 pins daily.

Discovering Tailwind Create

Anyway, while using my free trial of Tailwind, I saw that huge boost in monthly impressions, so I decided to pay monthly for their Basic Pinterest account and figured I should invest some time into understanding all the available features.

I figured Tailwind Create was just another graphics maker like Canva or Photoshop, so I didn’t pay any attention to it because I am very happy with the free features available on Canva.

Then, a few days ago, I decided to try the creator to see if it would save me some time from downloading my images from Canva and then uploading to Pinterest or Tailwind to create my pin.

My Pinterest life as I knew it changed forever.

Tailwind is a Pin Generator

Tailwind Create is an AI Pinterest Pin generator (and it’s good!).

That’s right. It makes the pins for you 🥳🥳🥳! I am all about having to do less work!

Like letting RankIQ do my keyword research for me 🥳🥳🥳.

You tell Tailwind the fonts and colors that you like. You upload your images or use their built-in stock images for free. You press create, and Tailwind generates hundreds of amazing pins for you to choose from.

See How I Generated Hundreds of Pins in Minutes

You can easily switch out colors, fonts, or text on the images if you want to… But I have not had to, as the generated pins are amazing from the start.

Now that Pinterest focuses on ‘fresh pins,’ something like Tailwind Create is a mind-blowingly amazing time-saver.

tailwind create dashboard
Screenshot From My Tailwind Create Dashboard

You can generate and publish a dozen fresh pins for your content with only a few clicks.

If you aren’t using Tailwind Create, you should start now.

Save yourself so much time on your Pinterest Marketing this week and generate 20 pins for free and then schedule them right from Tailwind. You won’t have to worry about Pinterest all week!

Why I Still Use Canva

woman holding ipad on desk displaying tailwind create vs. canva
Tailwind Create Vs. Canva

Even though I have fallen in love with Tailwind Create, I will continue to use Canva for a few reasons.

  1. Canva’s free templates: Many bloggers offer free Canva templates for Pinterest pins (including Tailwind’s monthly Canva templates!).
  2. You can schedule from Canva directly to Pinterest. However, it’s nowhere near as easy as Tailwind.
  3. It’s a blank canvas. I can imagine a pin and create it exactly how I want on Canva. While Tailwind Create will theoretically allow the same, creating from scratch is not as intuitive.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, I will have to keep using Canva because of the current price structure of Tailwind Create. See below.

Tailwind Create: One Major Problem

With Tailwind Create, you can generate an unlimited number of pins. But you can only save/publish/download 20 for free each month.

This is a huge problem, in my opinion. And here is why:

  • Pinterest wants fresh pins. As a blogger, I publish at least five articles a month, and I need at least five pins for each to feed the new algorithm (what I have personally found works for me). That is at least 25 pins a month.
  • To generate more traffic, I create one new pin for every ten to twenty older articles, totaling at least 45 monthly pins.

The next tier plan (Pro: $14.99/month) allows you to create 200 pins monthly, but you can only publish 100 pins?!?! I’m not sure who is doing the math over there.

Update: Over the years, I have gone back and forth between the free Tailwind and paid Tailwind. It really depends on my blog’s income and how much pinning I am doing.

The Bottom Line: Save Time With Tailwind

Tailwind Create is an AI Pinterest Pin Generator. It does all of the work for you to create hundreds of fresh Pinterest pins. If you need to make a lot of pins, you need Tailwind Create.

I will generate my 15 free pins each month (and love every minute of it) 🥳. I will use Canva to fill in here and there.

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