Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat for Dining Table

The Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat for Dining Table is sold by LittleLeviCo on Etsy and Amazon. I was given a Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat for free in exchange for an honest review. 

I used the product exclusively (I got rid of my toddler’s traditional booster seat!) for 10 days before writing a review.  

The bottom line: this child booster seat has actually changed the way my family eats dinner.  My son loves being at the table with my husband and me SO much that he sits and eats a full meal with us without fussing when he is using the Zebra Baby Booster Seat. 

Pro Tip: My husband and I love this so much too since we don’t have to clean all of the nasty crevices of a traditional booster seat that get covered in crumbs. This booster cushion wipes clean in one swoop. 

The toddler booster seat cushion. How I got my son to sit and eat dinner. mommymakerteacher.com. Toddler sitting and eating dinner at a dining room table with a child booster cushion seat.
The Toddler Booster Seat Cushion

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What’s In The Box

Zebra Baby Booster Seat Cushion For Dining Room Table
Zebra Baby Booster Seat
Zebra Baby Booster Cushion Free Cleaning Cloth
Zebra Baby Booster Cushion Cleaning Cloth

The Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat comes in a cute box with the cushion itself and a bonus cleaning cloth (very cute!). 

Key Features

  1. Spill-proof, wipeable fabric 
  2. Thick, dense foam that keeps its shape
  3. No-skid rubberized bottom 
  4. Sturdy, wide flaps for securing to the chair 
  5. Extra-thick straps
  6. Heavy-duty buckles for fastening 
  7. Fits any dining chair
  8. Can be used on the floor by itself as a cushion or seat 


Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat For Dining Room Table Safari Animal Fabric
Zebra Baby Booster Seat Fabric

I’ve seen other booster seat cushions on the market, but this one is really impressive.  First, the hand-designed material is adorable. It is safari animal-themed with a soft yellow background and bright baby animals.  My son took to the fabric right away and started naming the animals.  

It is a great gender-neutral fabric without being a boring solid or stripe. 

The fabric is SO soft like cotton, but waterproof like vinyl… I have no idea how they did this, but I love it! 

The liner is also removable, so if you make a really big mess you can clean it easily.

Zebra Baby toddler booster seat removable cover
Removable Cover


The foam is 3 inches thick and very durable. I actually sat on it myself (and I am 7 months pregnant 🤣) to see how sturdy it was.  The foam didn’t compress at all.  It has a gentle give to make it comfortable, but there is no indenting or sign of the edges collapsing after using it for 3 meals a day for 10 days. 

Anti-Slip Grip

The bottom of the dining chair pad is rubberized so it is anti-slip.  

My little monkey loves to climb up and down, and while the straps are very secure, I have a little more peace of mind knowing that the designer put in this extra security feature. 

My dining room chairs are wood and slightly indented in the seats, so the booster doesn’t lie completely flat across the chair.  The anti-slip material definitely helps to keep it in place. 

Straps And Flaps

Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat straps and flaps attached to dining room chair
Flexible Seat Straps
Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat Heavy duty buckles
Heavy-Duty Buckles And Straps

The anti-slip booster also has anti-slip flaps that attach the booster cushion to the chair.

This feature sets it apart from other kids’ booster seats that only have straps or ties to attach them to the chair. 

The straps are wider and the buckles and fasteners are made of extra durable plastic so you can get a really custom fit on your chair that is secure.  I haven’t had to make any adjustments to the straps since I originally secured it to the chair.  

I switched my son's booster and this is what happened! mommymakerteacher.com picture of the Zebra Baby booster seat cushion.
Child Booster Seat Cushion For Dining Room Table

Universal Fit

I have older, very unique-shaped dining room chairs. If the Zebra Baby booster seat fits on my chairs, I have to think it will fit on almost any chair out there. 

Travel Seat And Floor Cushion

I love that this seat can be installed in less than 2 minutes and come off of the chair even faster, making it perfect for traveling and eating at a restaurant.  

You could easily use the non-slip cushion on a chair or bench at a restaurant. 

The toddler booster seat can also be used just as a floor cushion for a picnic or playtime.  

Eating As A Family With The Zebra Baby Toddler Booster Seat

Toddler eating dinner sitting on the Zebra Baby toddler booster seat
My Son Enjoying Dinner

The best part of this child booster seat is how it has transformed the way my son eats dinner. 

The first night we used it, my son sat at the dinner table and ate with my husband and me for a record 20 minutes.  We thought it might have just been a fluke, but as it turns out, the successes continued over the next 10 days. 

He is able to climb up on the chair using a little step stool.  

He loves sitting on a “mommy chair” or “daddy chair” just like us.  

We are definitely not going back to the old booster seat, the Zebra Baby is a permanent fixture at the dinner table for sure!