23 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors

In this article, I’ll help you find the best split-screen baby monitor to monitor multiple babies, multiple rooms, or get multiple views of the same room.

Suppose your family expands (like mine is!) from one child to two or more. In that case, you should buy a split-screen baby monitor rather than having multiple separate monitors… Or worse, relying on Wifi cameras.

23 Split screen video baby monitors (for multiple rooms). Best split screen baby monitor. Video monitor with baby sleeping. mommymakerteacher.com
23 Split Screen Video Baby Monitors

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Top Split-Screen Baby Monitor Picks

Why Split Screen Baby Monitors Are Better Than Separate Monitors

The best split-screen baby monitors have built-in features to eliminate the headaches that come from two or more separate monitors (like one monitor picking up and echoing the other or feedback and static).

Here are the basic features we’ll look at:

  • Smart audio and video: Only show the video feed or audio from the room with the noise.
  • Dedicated parent unit connections: In case the wifi goes down.
  • Hardware and wires: The less, the better.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Wifi Cameras As Baby Monitors

The best baby monitor will have a local connection (meaning it connects to the camera without wifi). Some cameras have wifi capability, too… But you don’t want to rely on wifi for your baby monitor.

Don’t get me wrong, I have several wifi cameras in my house from Wyze

I use these cameras to monitor my dog while my husband and I are at work and as a backup monitor in my baby’s room.  

There is a place for a wifi camera in your house, but I learned the hard way that wifi cameras are not meant to be dedicated baby monitors. Here are just a few of the problems we faced in the first month:

  • Your Wifi Goes Down: Baby monitors with a dedicated parent unit (a parent screen) have built-in security settings to alert you if the unit loses connection from the monitor.
  • Power Outage: The first time we lost power at our house, I realized our baby monitor (wifi camera) wouldn’t work. It was the worst sleep of my early parenting memory. Most modern baby monitor cameras have a built-in battery that kicks in during a power outage. An alert usually lets you know that this feature has been activated.  
  • Your Device Loses Power/Goes To Sleep: Whether you’re using your phone or a tablet, these devices are unpredictable. There could be an app running in the background that drains your battery or an unexpected update at night. Parent units on baby monitors have alerts to tell you when the battery is getting low and will not turn off otherwise. 

That being said, there are reasons why I love our Wyze Cameras. I can check on my dog and my house remotely from anywhere. I can also use the Wyze camera to check in on my children while they are sleeping if I have a babysitter, for example. 

The bottom line is that you can use wifi cameras in your home when you have a baby or small child, but you shouldn’t rely on wifi cameras as your sole baby monitor. 

Features To Look For When Finding The Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

Battery Life 

How long does the battery on the parent unit last without needing to be plugged in? How long does the rechargeable battery take to charge? How long is the camera battery in the event of a power outage? 

Additional Camera 

Are these multi-camera baby monitors? Does the unit come with a second, third, or fourth camera? Can you buy additional cameras if needed? 

VOX Mode 

VOX mode stands for Voice Activated Alert. The camera will not play audio or show video unless it detects a noise. This can save battery on the parent unit. It will also eliminate hearing background noise in the child’s room like air circulation or static.

These baby monitors will have high-sensitivity microphones to which you can set the sensitivity. If you want to hear the baby moving, you can put it on high sensitivity, or if you only want to hear baby cries, you can put it on low sensitivity. 

Automatic Night Vision 

Most modem baby monitors have auto night vision. This means your video will switch automatically from color during daylight to black and white (infrared video feed) at night. 

Split-Screen Feature 

Split-screen mode is an important feature for a monitor that can simultaneously display two video feeds. Switching between a split-screen and just a single-view display is also nice.

The problem with the split-screen feature is that in most units, you can only pick one camera to hear the audio from. If you want to hear the audio from both cameras, you need to put the parent unit on automatic scan mode anyway and only view one camera at at time.

For this reason, having a split-screen baby monitor isn’t as important as having a video baby monitor that has automatic scan mode (more below).

Automatic Scan Mode

This allows you to scan through all connected cameras (with audio) automatically. Most scan at 10 or 15-second intervals. Some have adjustable intervals.

Remote Pan and Tilt

Some cameras allow you to pan and tilt your camera remotely. That means the camera can rotate left and right and up and down. This is a handy feature if you want to see different areas of the room on the camera. 

Two-Way Audio

Two-way talk is like a walkie-talkie. You hear the audio from the feed on the parent unit, but you also can talk to your child by pressing a talk button and speaking.

I sang lullabies to my son through the two-way audio when he was a few months old, and we struggled to get him to sleep

Pro Tip: Want to know how I finally got my child to sleep 12 hours consistently through the night? Learn my secret here!

Zoom Functions 

Even if your camera doesn’t have a remote pan and tilt, it probably has digital zoom. This means you can use the parent unit to zoom in close on the baby to get a closer look.

White Noise Sound 

Many baby monitors have speakers that let you play preprogrammed white noise or programmed lullaby sounds. You can turn them on and off using the parent unit, so there is no need to go in and disturb the baby. 

HD Cameras

Video quality is pretty important when it comes to a baby monitor. However, remember that you will usually view the camera in night mode (infrared), so the video is usually less clear than in color daylight mode. 

Room Temperature Monitor 

Some baby monitors have a built-in room temperature sensor that will alert you if the room gets too hot or cold. This is great if you are in separate rooms that have fluctuating temperatures.

Some monitors have default temperature settings (below 61 and above 75 degrees), and you can set custom high and low temperatures for others.

Internet Connection 

As I mentioned above, you want a baby monitor with a dedicated connection (sometimes called a local connection) that works regardless of whether there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Some smart monitors also have the option to connect to wifi to extend the unit’s range or to check in on the baby on a phone or tablet in addition to on the parent unit. 

Look for the 💡smart baby monitor symbol for these dual connection monitors.

Screen Size 

You’ll want a large screen with an LCD display if you get a split-screen monitor because the screen will be half the size of the display when you have both cameras running side by side. 

Wide Angle Lens 

Some cameras offer a wide-angle lens (either included or you can purchase separately) that allows you to see more of the room from one vantage point. 

A few cameras have wide-angle lenses by default.


You want to be sure that your parent unit will work no matter where you are in your house. If you have a large house, you should look for a unit with an ultra-long range, like 1000ft, or a dual connection to connect to wifi when out of standard range. 

Parent Unit(s) 

Make sure your split-screen baby monitor comes with a parent unit. A handy parent unit lets you always see your child without relying on one of your devices like a phone or tablet. 

Night Light 

Like the white noise and lullabies, some baby monitors also have a built-in night light for your little one that can be turned on and off remotely. 

Pro Tip: Look for the ⭐unique features icon for special features that only that monitor has.

23 Best Split-Screen Baby Monitors

VTech VM5463 Video Monitor ⭐
<li>5” High resolution LCD display</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>1000ft Streaming range</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>2-Way talkback </li><li>Built in white noise, lullabies, and auto-on night light</li><li>Projection light for the ceiling ⭐</li><li>Sound activation mode</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras </li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li>
02/24/2024 12:47 pm GMT
VTech VM819 2 Cameras Video Monitor
<li>2.8” Display</li><li>12 Hour battery life</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Auto scan between cameras (no split screen)</li><li>Built in white noise and lullabies</li><li>2 Way talk</li><li>VOX mode</li><li>1000ft range</li>
02/23/2024 06:12 am GMT
VTech MVM350-2 Video Monitor
<li>5” High resolution LCD screen</li><li>2x Digital zoom</li><li>12 hour battery life for video (21 hours for audio)</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>1000ft Operation range</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>Built in white noise and lullabies</li><li>2 way talk</li><li>Auto-On Screen (VOX mode)</li><li>LED Sound indicators</li><li>Temperature sensor</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li>

VTech Comparison Chart

All of the VTech multi-camera baby monitors come with the following features:

  • No wifi required
  • 2 Way talkback
  • 1000ft Range
  • Sound activation mode
  • 2 Cameras included
  • Auto night vision
  • Autoscan between cameras
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Built-in lullabies and white noise
  • Digital zoom

This chart breaks down the differences:

VTech Best Split Screen Baby MonitorsVTech MVM350-2 Video MonitorVTech VM5463 Video MonitorVTech VM819 2 Cameras Video MonitorVTech VM351-2 Wide-Angle Lens
Screen Size5″5″2.8″5″
Split Screenyesyesno (auto scan)yes
LED Sound Indicatorsyesyesnoyes
Projection Lightnoyes nono
Nightlight noyesnono
Wide Lensnononoyes
Remote Pan, Tilt, And Zoomnoyesnono
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The best multi camera baby monitors to make parenting easier. Mommy|Maker|Teacher
The Best Multi-Camera Baby Monitors
Moonybaby Split 60
<li>4.3” HD LCD Screen</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Wide-angle lens included</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Supports 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>2 Way talkback</li><li>1000ft range</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>12-hour battery</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Built-in lullabies and night light</li>
02/24/2024 11:17 am GMT
Moonybaby Split 55
<li>4.3” Screen</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Remote pan, tilt and zoom</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>Two way talk back</li><li>Pair 2 cameras</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Preprogrammed lullabies and night light</li><li>Voice activation mode</li><li>Auto scan mode</li><li>Wide angle lens available separately</li><li>6-8 Hour battery life</li>
02/24/2024 03:07 am GMT
Moonybaby Split 50
<li>5” HD LCD display</li><li>Supports 2 cameras</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>High resolution wide angle lens cameras</li><li>2-Way talkback</li><li>Preprogrammed lullabies</li><li>Room temperature monitoring</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>6-8 Hour battery life</li>
02/24/2024 05:12 am GMT
Moonybaby Split 30
<li>4.3” Display</li><li>2 Camera capacity</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>12-hour battery life</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Wingle angle lens camera</li><li>2x digital zoom</li><li>Automatic night vision</li><li>VOX mode</li><li>1000ft range</li><li>2-Way talk back</li><li>5 built-in lullabies</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>No wifi needed</li>
02/23/2024 12:32 am GMT
Moonybaby Value 100-2
<li>2.4” Screen</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 4 cameras</li><li>900ft Range</li><li>2 Way talkback</li><li>Automatically scan between cameras</li><li>2x Digital Zoom</li><li>12-hour battery life</li><li>VOX mode</li><li>Auto night vision</li>

Moonybaby Comparison Chart 

All of the Moonybaby multi-camera baby monitors come with the following features:

  • No wifi required
  • It comes with 2 cameras
  • 2 Way talkback
  • Automatically scan between cameras
  • Auto night vision
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Voice activation (VOX) mode
  • Digital Zoom

This chart breaks down the differences:

Moonybaby Best Split Screen Baby MonitorMoonybaby Split 60Moonybaby Split 55Moonybaby Split 50Moonybaby Split 30Moonybaby Trust 30-2Moonybaby Trust 50-2Moonybaby Value 100-2
Screen Size4.3″4.3″5″4.3″4.3″5″2.4″
Split Screen Capabilityyesyesyesyesno (auto scan)no (auto scan)no (auto scan)
Pair Up To # Cameras2222444
Wide Lensincluded attachmentavailable seperatelyyesyesnonono
Remote Pan, Tilt, And Zoomyesyesnonononono
Battery Life12 hours6-8 hours6-8 hours12 hours6-8 hours6-8 hours12 hours
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Babysense 5'' Split Screen Baby Monitor
<li>5” HD LCD display</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>960ft Range</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 4 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>2 Way audio</li><li>Built in white noise, lullabies, and nightlight</li><li>Auto night mode</li><li>Voice activation mode</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>Up to 20-hour battery life</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li>
02/23/2024 02:47 am GMT
Babysense 4.3'' Split-Screen Baby Monitor
$159.99 $129.99
<li>4.3” Screen</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Remote pan, tilt and zoom</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>2-Way talkback</li><li>Built in white noise, lullabies, and night light</li><li>960ft range (with out-of-range alerts)</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li>
02/24/2024 11:42 am GMT
Babysense Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras
$114.99 $99.99
<li>2.4” LCD Display</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>900ft range (with out-of-range warning)</li><li>Pre-installed lullabies</li><li>Auto night mode</li><li>2x Digital Zoom</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Voice-activated monitoring</li><li>Sound-activated LED lights</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Expandable up to 4 cameras</li><li>Auto camera scan view (no split screen)</li>
02/24/2024 01:47 pm GMT

Babysense Comparison Chart 

All of the multi-camera Babysense baby monitors have the following features:

  • No wifi required
  • It comes with 2 cameras
  • 2 Way talkback
  • Automatically scan between cameras
  • Auto night vision
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Voice activation (VOX) mode
  • Digital Zoom

Here are the differences:

Babysense Best Split Screen MonitorBabysense 5″ Split Screen Baby MonitorBabysense 4.3″ Split Screen Baby MonitorBabysense Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras
Screen Size5″4.3″2.4″
Split Screen Capabilityyesyesno (auto scan)
Range960ft960 ft900ft
Pair Up To # Cameras444
Remote Pan, Tilt, And Zoomyesyesno
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Hubble Connected Nursery View Pro Twin 5”
$179.99 $99.99
<li>5” Display</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>1000ft Range</li><li>No Wifi</li><li>2 Way Talkback</li><li>High-sensitivity microphone</li><li>Automatic night vision</li><li>Temperature monitoring</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li>
02/23/2024 06:57 am GMT
Motorola Baby Monitor VM855 💡⭐
$239.99 $211.58
<li>5” HD LCD screen</li><li>Flexible crib mount included</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Portable rechargeable camera ⭐</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Connect over wifi to view from any device with the Motorola Nursery App 💡</li><li>2 Way talk</li><li>Built in lullabies and sounds</li><li>Temperature sensors</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto night mode</li><li>High-sensitivity microphone</li>
02/23/2024 06:47 am GMT
Motorola Baby Monitor VM50G
$119.99 $91.00
<li>5” LCD Screen</li><li>LED sound indicator lights</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li><li>Auto nightvision</li><li>Two-way talk</li><li>Built in lullabies and music</li><li>Room temperature monitoring</li><li>1000ft Range</li><li>No wifi needed</li><li>High sensitivity microphone</li>
02/23/2024 06:37 am GMT
Motorola Connect85 💡
<li>5” Parent unit</li><li>Wifi connection to view the cameras on any device💡</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>2 Way talk</li><li>Built-in lullabies and nightlight</li><li>Connects to the Hubble app for viewing, sleep, developmental, and parenting tips 💡</li>
02/23/2024 12:22 am GMT
Motorola Baby Monitor VM65 💡
<li>5” Display screen</li><li>Connects to Motorola Nursery app for 1080p video streaming from any device💡</li><li>2 Way talk</li><li>Built-in lullabies and sounds</li><li>Room temperature monitoring</li><li>Magnetic mount can go anywhere</li><li>High-sensitivity microphone</li><li>It comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li><li>View both cameras at once on the app</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>No wifi needed</li>
02/23/2024 06:47 am GMT
<li>5” Display</li><li>1000ft range</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Room temperature sensor</li><li>Auto night vision</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Auto scan between cameras</li><li>No wifi</li><li>2-way intercom system</li><li>High-sensitivity microphone</li><li>Integrated sounds and music</li><li>LED Sound indicator</li>
02/23/2024 06:41 am GMT

Motorola Comparison Chart

All of the Motorola multi-camera baby video monitors have the following features:

  • No wifi required
  • 2 Way talkback
  • Sound activation mode
  • 2 Cameras included
  • Pair up to 2 cameras
  • Auto night vision
  • Autoscan between cameras
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Built-in lullabies and white noise
  • Digital zoom

This chart breaks down the differences:

Motorola Best Split Screen Baby MonitorMotorola VM855Motorola VM50GMotorola Connect 85Motorola VM65Motorola VM75-2
Screen Size5″5″5″5″5″
Split Screen Capabilityyesyesyesyesyes
Wifi Capableyesnoyesyesno
Remote Pan, Tilt, And Zoomyesnoyesyesyes
Portable Rechargable Camerayesnononono
Night Lightnonoyesnono
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Graco Dual Video Baby Monitor
<li>4.3” Display</li><li>Comes with 2 cameras</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Split screen capability</li><li>Automatic night vision</li><li>Room temperature sensor</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Built-in nightlight</li><li>2-way audio</li>
02/23/2024 03:42 am GMT
Infant Optics Video DXR8
<li>5” HD Display</li><li>A.N.R. Active noise reduction (filters out background noises) **unique feature**</li><li>Remote pan, tilt, and zoom</li><li>Comes with 1 camera</li><li>Pair up to 2 cameras</li><li>Available wide-angle lens</li><li>Auto scan between cameras (no split screen)</li><li>No wifi</li><li>Voice activation mode</li>
02/23/2024 12:07 am GMT
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